Six practical tips for buying a chair

  • Choosing a chair that is ideal for price and quality is not so easy. This type of upholstered furniture, like other interior items, has many different characteristics that must be taken into account: design features, type of material and type of frame. Each of the above indicators can have a significant impact on the formation of the cost of the product. Our practical tips will help you understand these issues.

    First of all, decide what you need - an ordinary chair or a chair-bed?
    The second option will be an excellent solution in the case when the living area of ​​the apartment does not allow installing a transforming sofa. Chairs of European brands are famous for their traditionally high quality. What, unfortunately, most Russian manufacturers cannot boast of. Another disadvantage of domestic models is their impressive size. The pluses include their affordable cost.

    Chair style
    The upholstered furniture market offers chairs of a wide variety of styles. Let's consider the most popular ones:

    • Classic.

    Chairs made in this style are a symbiosis of time-tested traditions and modern trends in erogonomics. They are characterized by: textile upholstery, wooden frame and decorative elements in the form of carving, gilding, etc.

    • Country

    A distinctive feature of the chairs, decorated in country style, are fabric covers with a small print in the form of plants or a combination of different textures and patterns. As a rule, such models are decorated with knitted or embroidered pillows of a wide variety of colors.

    • Ethno

    The main raw materials for the production of such chairs are "local" natural materials or their artificial counterparts. It can be rattan or exotic species such as water hyacinth and banana leaves. Weaving is considered a particularly popular technique for making furniture.

    • Modern

    "Modern" armchairs are made in accordance with the latest technologies in furniture production and are distinguished by functionality and ergonomics, affordable, durable materials and simple shapes,

    The cost of the material, sometimes up to 70 percent of the total cost of the chair. The exception is various types of cheap plastics, which are distinguished by the luxury of the color palette and the ability to take any form, even the most pretentious. Modern materials obtained in the course of innovative developments are very expensive. Therefore, the cost of such an armchair is often the same as the price for an antique model.

    It can be of several types: naked, completely or partially hidden. In the 19th century, the last version of the furniture was called "blind". Traditionally, the classics gravitate towards the models of the "wrapped" type.

    Chairs with a "hidden" frame "can be both very expensive and unusually cheap. In the first case, this is furniture reprinted by renowned manufacturers from the famous originals - palace chairs. The second option is inexpensive armchairs of domestic brands. In such models, the base is upholstered in order to save materials. For example, to gracefully disguise the unpresentable look of chipboard.

    It should be remembered that "curvy" models require an appropriate environment and do not tolerate cramped conditions. For rooms that are not impressive in their spacious dimensions, the best solution would be compact armchairs without upholstered sidewalls with divan price in dhaka open legs. They look light, airy and seem to float in the air. Models with an open frame are practical and easier to clean. It is much easier to clean under them.

    Additional functions
    Modern armchairs are more than just a seating position, but a marvel of engineering and technology. They can transform into a chaise longue, rotate, massage, etc. Each of the above options can not only significantly change the usual look of furniture, but also significantly increase its cost.