How To Tie a Tie - Android App Review

  • In today's economy, it is vital to make the most of every possible edge to truly get your face to the the surface of the mountain of workers. Employers today expect employees, or potential employees, to look their best to stand out. Let's look at an example.

    A local employer is hiring for an in-office position. Today, there are two candidates interviewing for the position. Bob and Joe sit patiently waiting in the receptionist's office to be required their interviews.

    Both Bob and Joe come in their mid-twenties, wearing clean, pressed clothes. Both men have an excellent work background, prestigious college degrees, and no blemishes on the criminal record (or lack thereof). Both are well spoken, energetic, and respectful. In the long run, both candidates interview very well.
    Immediately after the next candidate leaves, the employer makes their decision. Joe is the person for the job. Why did the employer know immediately? How could they decide when both candidates were so similarly great?
    In this case, Bob was wearing a clip-on tie.

    Wait, What!?
    Believe it or not, employers make decisions on little things such as this. Sure, where you went to school, where you have worked before, and just how much personality you have does matter, but little things such as your tie, can and do make a difference. Situations like Bob and Joe happen every day, all around the country.

    I guarantee that whenever that interviewer saw Bob's clip-on tie, (and yes, they can tell the difference) they thought to themselves: "If he is too lazy to tie a tie, how lazy will he be on the job?" Who says he wont develop into he?

    See my point?
    Now, it's okay in the event that you don't know how, that's why I'm writing this article. All that's necessary is an Android phone with usage of the Android Market.

    How To Tie a Tie-Review
    Whenever you open How To Tie a Tie, you're greeted by the main page. What you should see is a listing of different ties, a picture of each, and what size or type of collar they're designed for. By selecting each tie, some instructions opens that provides you a slideshow of how the tie is made. Included are colored diagrams with written instructions on each step. The types of ties included are: Atlantic, Diagonal, Four-In-Hand, Half Windsor, Kelvin, Oriental, Persian, Plattsburg, Pratt, Simple Double, St. Andrew, Windsor, and the Bow Tie.

    What I Like About This App
    This app is extremely simple. You open it, find the tie you want, and you receive the directions. Too many apps are flashy, and have way too many steps (like registering and logging in) to access this content you want. Bring it from a fellow man; Most men who have Buy Android app reviews to know just how to tie a tie will soon be standing in front of the mirror, tie around their neck, and have exactly 3 minutes to spare before they will be late. This app gets straight to the stage by showing you just how to tie the tie you want, right when you need it.

    What Could Be Better
    While this app does a good job with the diagrams, some of them really are a little vague, especially at the conclusion of the instructions. Lots of the ties add a similar picture which can be confusing on the past step. I want to see the possibility to see actual pictures of the tie as it is tied. Perhaps that will assistance with the clarity.

    I such as this app as it is just what you need, right when you really need it. It doesn't must be flashy and have a lot of options because once you have to know just how to tie a tie, you will need it now. While it may benefit an individual to own photos accompany the diagrams, the diagrams still work pretty well.