Lightning Strike - How to Protect Yourself

  • As it pertains to protecting yourself against getting hit with a lightning, it is much more straightforward to be safe than sorry.
    Rule of thumb - if you see dark clouds approaching and if you hear the thunder, immediately take cover in just a safe place because this means you're within the lightning-striking distance of 10 miles.
    So what is the safe thing to do if you are caught in a lightning storm?
    Do NOT hide under or stand close to an unhappy tree on an open field.
    Do NOT stand close to radio or TV towers, power-line towers, silos, or any other tall metal structures available in the open.
    Don't carry any metal pointed objects like golf clubs, umbrellas, canes, fishing rods, etc.
    Don't take refuge in small shacks and shelters build out in the open for the purposes of protection from rain, snow or the sun.
    Do NOT get near any body of water.

    Do NOT use any electrical gadgets including land-line or cellular telephones, radios, computers, hair dryers, etc.
    Do NOT watch TV or stand close to a TV set.
    If all fails, and you're available in the open, seek shelter in just about any vehicle with rubber tires (cars, trucks, SUVs), WITHOUT, however, touching any metal surfaces.

    When you yourself have nowhere safe to full cover up, do not continue to stand up. Decrease your profile. Crouch on the floor and roll yourself into a ball and patiently wait and pray for the storm to blow over.
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