Tips To Keep In Mind Before Planning Your Maldives Trip In 2021


    With almost 1190 volcanic & coral islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, Maldives has long been known as one of the most renowned romantic getaways to relish some tropical charm. Credits to its crystal clean waters, underneath which lurk the shoal of fishes, rays, and sharks. For the warmth of the sun & many other activities, Maldives must be on every traveller’s bucket list.

    Follow this Maldives travel guide to ensure you enjoy a comfortable, happy and most importantly safe holiday in this stunning island country.

    Plan according to the weather:

    From November to April is the peak season of Maldives holiday because of prime weather with infinite sunshine. Obviously, you’ll get sky-high prices on everything from accommodation to activities. If you are looking for a Budget Maldives holiday trip, look to travel during shoulder season, i.e., between the peak season and off-season.

    Pack smartly:

    While packing for your Maldives vacation, ensure to not pack alcohol, tobacco or pork alongside any spiritual book. As far as accessories are concerned, carry a water-resistant camera with a polarizer to shoot all the action on land & underwater. Carry minimal tropical-friendly clothing, sunscreen, swimsuits, surf wax, toiletries, personal care products, and medical emergency kit.

    Don’t miss visiting the Bioluminescent Beach:

    Visiting the Baa Atoll must be among the top ten travel tips to know before you go as this’ll be an once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness the planktons releasing radiant toxins during the night beneath the sky, making a starry look on the ocean bed. This is perhaps one of the most unique things to do in the Maldives.

    Keep USD for transactions:

    Though Maldivian Rufiyaa is the national currency used in the country, USD is widely accepted nearly everywhere. Besides the local islands, the majority of the shops have things marked in USD. Though credit cards are widely used including the resorts, keeping cash is also essential as there’s a need to buy odds and ends.

    Spend At Least One Night In A Water Bungalow:

    You don’t visit such extraordinary tropical destinations with glitzy water villas daily. So, when you are in the Maldives, maximize this chance, even if it means spending just a bit more. Your Maldives tour is incomplete without the experience of the crystal clear turquoise ocean right beneath your feet, particularly if you are on your honeymoon in Maldives. While beach villas in Maldives are quite incredible, nothing can beat the experience of staying in a water bungalow where you’ll wake up to stunning sunrises & can slide right into the ocean from your room itself.

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