The internal throb of Thrall is divided between guilt


    What I'm trying to convey is that the warrior in thrall didn't have WOW TBC Gold the ability to kill him. Garrosh's death would have been an even more painful and violent death. The warrior has honor. The shaman is the wild one. The elements are more wild and uncontrolled. You push and push them and you'll be decimated with their power in a matter of minutes.

    It is also possible that thrall didn't develop his warrior capabilities because he wasn't practicing enough. The majority of his shaman skills after the end to the war, using archimonde. Then perhaps thrall had become weaker as a fighter at this point. He's becoming more warrior-like. He can probably kill makgora with an axe throw "for Azeroth!" Just as Helya.

    In fact, even though Thrall killed Garrosh with his shamanistic powers he was still feeling guilty about the way he handled everything and how Garrosh ended up being the result of the decisions of Thrall and what led to him losing his power.

    Has he really lost his powers though? He still summons earth bridges in legion and the sanctum of domination. I suspect it's more of his refusal to utilize the power he used in order to kill garrosh.

    He feels guilty but he's also not embarrassed. When talking to drake he mentions it to her in korthia. She assures him once again that it isn't his the fault.

    The internal throb of Thrall is divided between guilt and truth that the murder was his the one to blame. He claimed that Garrosh was to blame for the death of garrosh. He was depressed that garrosh had led him down the path to these choices. After the discussion with drake, I believe that thrall will return his the shamanistic version of himself.

    After Assault on the Broken Shore, Thrall tells the Shaman and explorer that, ever since Garrosh was killed, he was feeling like Doomhammer was nothing more than an unmoving piece of equipment in his hands and that the Elements were no longer with him.

    Some time ago, just before Orgrim passed the Doomhammer to Thrall He confessed that while the weapon at one time brought him closer the elements, over time it was cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold an immovable object on his shoulders.