Personally, I'd suggest the Karamja the dungeon

  • This is the method i'm planning to implement. What I want to RS gold know do you think plank is very slow (as in a lot clicks?) If so would I be better off sticking with high alchemy up to 99 (Method 3)? It's true that I don't know much about this particular method since I've had no experience with it. I'm interested to know what happens the moment you click to perform the spell, will it instantly make all the clay (if I use clay) soft, or do I have to press each clay individually?

    This is what I had initially planned to complete all the way to 99. Ok guys so could I get your thoughts on what of the three approaches you'd prefer to do. (By by the way, I'm strapped in cash, so 10Mil is the most I'm willing to invest in this!) If anyone can also tell me what experience they have had with the speed at which it is (exp prices per hour, etc.) I'd appreciate it! And if you could even suggest a few more effective ways to apply it, I'd be grateful for it!

    I was thinking about range-setting to a small extent to earn some extra money. (I have just 75 range/81 defense) I will be using full armadyl, runecbow and broad bolts. Should I train on iron dragones or avies? Notes: Iron dragones I will collect the following: all charms, the dragon's mid-helms, the dragon skirts, dragon legs and ofcourse, faces. left shield half, effigies, do not know about the elite clues. Also, all the coins, teeth half keys, dragon stones

    I will alch:all rune items (limbs bars, limbs, 2h, kitshield, sq shield, full helm, Mid helm) Aviansies: I will collect all Adamant bars. I will also alch all runite limps and daggers. Remember , avies addy bars can be quite common and limps as well as daggers don't come along as often, while iron drops are most of them rare and certain vissies like them are scarce, but it's worth more than avies usual drops. Any suggestions, or other information would be appreciated and appreciated.

    Personally, I'd suggest the Karamja the dungeon near the Tz Haar region. There's a whole host of choices for this It is possible to mash them at that point, using a regular weapon, food, or bunyip should you be able to. Alternately, you can halberd the swarm from a safe area or OSRS buy gold use range from a safe location and make it food-free.