While appearing on the latest show on Hot Ones

  • D2R Items: Resurrected's PTR Patch 2.4 continues through March 2 with ladder testing and other changesPart two of the Diablo 2: Resurrected PTR Patch 2.4 includes some major tweaks that players have been asking for.

    Diablo 2: Resurrected's Public Test Realm (PTR) played the first version of Patch 2.4 from January 25 through February 9.A new Version of Patch 2.4 with more changes to Uber Diablo, classes and mercenaries. The game will be released on 2 March.The game has already sold over 10 million copies and sold well over 10 million copies, it's also the topic of conversation for numerous gamers Some of whom are even celebrities. One of those celebrities who seem to be in love with the game is that of the rapper and musician Post Malone. And while Malone might enjoy his time in the Lands Between, he says that he cannot play Elden Ring unless he turns the game's in-game music off.

    While appearing on the latest show on Hot Ones, Post Malone was confronted about his love of video games, and specifically when it comes to music. In response, Malone asked host Sean Evans whether he was engaging in Elden Ring for himself.

    Evans claimed that he had not previously played, which led to Malone proposing the game. In spite of this, however, Post Malone explained that basically he has to turn the music off when performing D2R Ladder Items because it stresses the player too much.