Team leaders need to believe

  • One of the things that we communicate with all of our D2R Items is, each one of them has been designed and designed to support more, not just various platforms, but different types of games, and different types of games.

    I'll provide an example of that. If you consider Warcraft the most well-known IP that supports the development of a massive MMO that has also supported real-time strategy games, and it's supported a collectible card game. This is a lot of different genres of games that originated from the same IP. Moreover, we believe there's an abundance of opportunities for having games, different kinds of games in our current IP. But, I think that you do take on a piece of player perception and expectations of players whenever you're talking about creating an entirely new game for the new platform for certain.

    Is this model of creation sustainable or practical in terms of business? It's possible that something like Diablo is in existence because you went through this long period of Titan being reworked, as well as experiencing the ups and downs of development. What you end up with was, several years later, is a game that has an extremely broad and strong presence. But are you able to have that same cycle for each project?

    I don't know that Blizzard has any other choice. Blizzard have any choice but to follow this path. I'm not convinced that there's a better way for Blizzard. We are convinced that team leaders need to believe in and come up with an idea for something they believe can be excellent. It's a bottom-up way of doing things.

    Blizzard does not have a track record of diablo II resurrected items me or anyone else at the top telling them, "Hey, Blizzard should come up with a new type or game." That's not really how Blizzard works. The way it operates is that an entire team of developers who are extremely passionate about one particular concept or specific genre are given the space to think about and create and produce something that we believe is excellent. That's really how it's always been, and this is how it's going today.