Google Lens to soon search for words, images

  • Important Highlights-

    • Google is getting its image search tool Google Lens updated with new AI-powered language features.
    • Now users can search for visuals adding the text to specify the required search result.

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    Google is on the verge of getting its image search tool Google Lens updated with new AI-powered language features. With this unique ability, the users can further their searches using text. For instance, on clicking a picture of a product on Google lens, you will be shown similar products in the search results, and you can now add text to specify your requirement concerning the clicked product.

    Furthermore, Google is also launching an all-new “Lens mode” option in the iOS Google app, with which users will be able to search an image on the web. The option will soon be rolled out and will be limited to users in the US. Besides, Google Lens has also been launched for desktops within the Chrome browser, where users will be able to select any image or any visual while browsing the web without having to leave the tab. The feature will soon be available around the world.

    The updates are Google’s effort to improve the existing search options using AI language understanding. Moreover, these updates are supported by a machine learning model revealed by the company at I/O named MUM earlier this year. Along with the mentioned features, Google is also bringing new AI-powered tools to its web browsing and mobile searches.

    Google seeks to convert its Lens updates using AI into a handier tool. This will allow you to click an image and search by adding text to get more information related to it.

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    Google pops up with lots of examples related to your image search, and they appear to be simple and useful. Now, one and all can update the Google Lens to check what AI language understanding has enabled in the feature for its visual search.