6 Ways to Make your Micro-Wedding Memorable for You and Your Gu

  • 6 ways to make your micro wedding memorable for you and your guests, 4

    Probably one of the best things to get out of the Covid-19 pandemic is the increasing popularity of the adjacent micro marriage. While elopement tends to cost-effective solutions for couples who want to spend their dollars elsewhere, micro-marriage can be equally complicated - and expensive - like a full-scale wedding. Even though you don't need to drop good luck at your micro wedding, there are several ways to make impressive celebrations: Event organizers in chennai

    Serve good items:

    Because you invite fewer guests, you have more freedom in the menu. Because you don't ask for your catering to make dinner for 300 people, you can be creative and serve more interesting dishes. Not to mention, with a smaller guest list, you can also serve good wine instead of relying on 'The House Red'. So, continue and serve your favorite foods and vino, your guests will remember food for years to come! Event organiser in chennai

    Choose a unique place:

    One of the many benefits has a micro marriage is that you are not limited to large places. You can choose a unique wedding place that will make your event unforgettable. For example, with fewer guests, you can rent a cottage for the weekend and treat your guests to weekends from the city.

    Shopping in a great photographer:

    No matter how small your guest list is, please promise yourself that you will still get a photographer. Wedding photos are something you would appreciate for years to come, and with a smaller guest list, the possibility of a photographer you will be able to get a beautiful candidate from your guest. Best event planners in chennai

    Sit family style:

    Instead of separating your guests to a separate table, ask everyone to sit in a family style at the same table. This will encourage conversations between people who may not know each other. This will create an unforgettable atmosphere and make your guests feel comfortable and they will enjoy their evening.

    Live music rental:

    A more intimate celebration means you need less volume when it comes to music too. No one lifts the atmosphere of the event more than live music. Give your musician your favorite song, and ask them to sprinkle it all night.

    Don't forget the dress:

    Ah yes, the dress. Just because you have a micro wedding, doesn't mean you don't deserve to wear your dream wedding dress! Go with a dress that complements your venue, your overall vibe, and of course, your personality. When you look back on your wedding day, you will be happy that you are wearing your dream clothes.

    Having a micro stress does not mean you need to play small on things that are important to you. Creating events full of wise detail will make a memorable and unique night. Event planners in chennai