Why is Sex Doll getting lighter?

  • LovedollShops took full body styling techniques for Sex Doll and applied specific materials to the body model. You can see the texture and feel of the skin. The head sculpt of the sex doll is a waxed silicone head, so the details of the head sculpt are simulated very well and are very realistic. Eyebrows and eyelashes also grow well. In this regard, it gives a sense of visual realism, making it difficult to see the real and fake from a distance.

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    With the advancement of technology, TPE sex dolls can reduce weight and facilitate more people. I can say that people are looking forward to the Gospel. The other side of the bionic doll player is a fitness expert. Whether it is a TPE doll or a Realistic Sex Doll, the weight of dozens of pounds is not fun that the weak can conquer. The weight and shape of the doll limit the player.

    160cm silicone doll is 40kg, TPE vampire sex doll is less than 30kg. The doll is already lighter than the real person, but why does the player feel heavier? Because at this stage our doll cannot move on its own, we need the player to assume the pose they want.

    TPE has strong plasticity, can be recycled and recast and is very friendly to the earth. At the same time, this material property is also the technical basis for his life-long after-sales service. However, when it comes to weight reduction, it is a technical difficulty that is difficult to break through - when TPE is dissolved into a liquid and poured, the temperature is as high as 250 ° C, and conventional filling materials cannot withstand such a high temperature.

    Lovedollshops is the first in the physical doll industry to use the latest high-temperature resistant and lightweight filling materials in the current technology field, and has successfully reduced the weight of sex dolls by 170cm and above by 10%-20%! Taking 160cm as an example, the weight loss can reach nearly 6 kilograms! Expand the weight advantage of TPE dolls over silicone dolls again!

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