A Guide To Microsoft 365 Security Features And Compliance

  • Microsoft 365 is used worldwide as a service platform. As of now, it is used by over one million companies across the globe. But, with the exponential growth, risk factors for the Microsoft platform are also rising to lead to a cybersecurity issue. That is why there is a strong need to consider cybersecurity management strategies to dismiss the upcoming risks. The Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center is the solution for this.

    It is an enterprise developed for email security and data protection for the big organizations that use MS Office 365 business products. The Security & Compliance Center offers advanced email threat protection, policy management, data protection, and various cyber security capabilities to protect the organization from cyber threats.

    What Is Microsoft 365 Security?

    Microsoft 365 security prevents Microsoft products and services from possible cyber threats. There are basically three functions that it does, and those are given below:

    Secure communications: The Security & Compliance center secures the company’s communication by providing threat protection, data loss prevention, spanning email exchanges, shared files, chat clients, etc.

    Native security: Microsoft has developed a robust variety of security modules, features, and functions in the office 365 Security & Compliance suite that runs consistently with all Microsoft’s business products and services.

    Investigation and response: The Office 365 Security & Compliance Center security team can see all the cyber critical intelligence data and automate threat reduction efforts to discard incoming email attacks.

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    What Are The Security Risks Of Office 365?

    Email security is a big consideration while checking the risks involved in Office 365. However, there are many products within Office 365 applications Suite. We need to look at all the attack vectors. Here are the most common security risks that MS Office may have

    Phishing attacks: There are various delivery mechanisms for phishing content.

    All the malicious links and attachments are delivered through email and shared documents on OneDrive or directly to the Microsoft teams in chats.

    Malware delivery: Malware consists of malicious files, and sharing files is the main functionality of Office 365. There are many vectors, including email, OneDrive, and SharePoint, through which malicious content may enter an organization.

    Business email compromise: These are the scams, including sending money to an attacker, usually in response to a fake, unpaid invoice. In this scam, fake invoices can be delivered through email. Or the attacker with access to a company’s OneDrive can insert a fake invoice to the company file storage and continue via email to make the scam look real.

    Data breaches: The main feature of Office 365 software as a service platform is to make data sharing convenient and easy inside and outside of the organization.

    Consequently, making it possible to share critical data with unauthorized parties that may lead to a data breach.

    What does Microsoft Office 365 Security & Compliance Center do?

    There are three main functions of Office 365 Security. Have a look at them.

    Threat protection

    Microsoft exchange online protection: This cloud-based security module secures the business email boxes from spam and malware threats. The security team can configure the company’s communication easily.

    Here is the brief:

    • It provides anti-spam protection
    • It provides multi-engine anti-malware protection
    • It has a web-based interface
    • No requirement for additional software or hardware

    Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection- This security module protects organizations from malicious files, links and software tools that enter via email communications. Security analysts use ATP to run attack simulators to eliminate various types of attacks and analyze the security of organizations.

    It includes:

    • Real-time reports
    • Threat protection policies
    • Automated threat investigation and response
    • Attack simulation features

    Office 365 Threat intelligence: It controls the data signal from various intelligence sources, including global data centers, incidents of compromise, and office clients, to offer updated information to the security teams on threats affecting their organizations.

    It includes:

    • Threat detection module
    • Automated policy recommendations
    • Rich analyst dashboard
    • Threat feeds

    Data protection

    Office 365 Message Encryption: This feature encrypts all the outgoing messages and their replies to the organizations. Consequently, it allows different organizations to enhance the protection and control of critical company information such as emails and other related data being shared from company to company.

    It includes:

    • Policy-based encryption
    • Rights-protected messaging
    • End-user controls
    • TLS enabled network communications
    • Rights protected messaging

    Data loss prevention: Through this feature, organizations can use data loss prevention policies to search, monitor, and secure the critical data shared on Office 365 products such as Exchange online, SharePoint online, OneDrive for business, Microsoft teams, and others.

    It includes:

    • Blocks sensitive data automatically
    • It provides policy templates
    • Automated rule enforcement
    • Detailed incident reports


    Microsoft’s compliance manager allows the security teams and other stakeholders to check out risks and track and record compliance activities in the Microsoft Cloud services ensuring all compliance requirements.

    It includes:

    • Compliance scoring
    • Role-based access control
    • Audit and assessment reports
    • Secure evidence and activity repository


    Office 365 is a goldmine for various organizations, especially remote work, where communication and collaboration are not a big deal with such an amazing suite of applications. However, this platform, too, can create some cybersecurity issues later on. Here the Microsoft 365 Security & compliance center works to solve this issue by providing multi-layered protection against many malware threats and phishing content. Therefore, it makes a considerable solution to secure users and devices, ensuring easy detection of potential threats.


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