8 Best Video Games for Kids With Amazing Features in 2022

  • 8 Best Video Games for Kids With Amazing Features in 2022

    No matter what, gaming is fun. People of all age groups, especially kids, can be inclined towards a wide range of games. So, if you’re looking for the best video games for kids, you can find numerous games available for ages 3+, 5+, and 10+ that are fully geared toward children. In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the top games your children will definitely cherish.

    We are all aware of the video games we played during childhood. Believe it or not, many of us fell in love with those games and spent hours playing them. Children use to convince their parents by saying that those games are educational tools. Considering this, here we’ll discuss great games that are made specifically for children. Kids will surely get the best experience out of these top games.

    Regarding family gaming, game consoles are considered suitable with their cheaper price tags, easier interfaces, and simple controllers. With all the factors, here are our picks for the best Video Games for KidsChildren can enjoy these games on their phones while sitting comfortably at home.

    If you are a kid or parent looking for the best video games, below is a video game talkWe have tried to cover all the details of these games to bring the best to your table.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    If you are a fan of the island, this game is the best for you. Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to enjoy a peaceful island life filled with charming animal neighbors, home decor, and crafts. Kids who are not giving much attention to their studies and having a hard time can choose this game and have some chills. After that, they can find interest in studies comparatively. The game is rated for everyone and runs on platforms Nintendo Switch.

    • Plenty of animal-crossing characters are available.
    • The new update includes 11 new hairstyles and 11 new reactions too.
    • Option to make an accent wall – one wallpaper different from the other.


    With absolutely gorgeous and attractive 1930s cartoons, Cuphead can win the hearts of millions of children out there. Children who are looking for a run-and-gun activity can find this game interesting. With amazing visuals and audio quality, Cuphead basically focuses on boss battles and makes children learn how to acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves and explore/discover hidden secrets.

    • This game is rated E10+ for ages 10 and up.
    • Platforms are Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, macOS, and Windows 10.
    • The game comes with tight, accurate, and straightforward controls.

    Among Us

    The right version of this mobile manipulation game was released in the year 2018. Among Us provides a perfect way for people of all age groups to socialize online. The game includes many gameplay options and customization features serving as a social gameplay option.

    • This game turns paranoia into a party.
    • You can entertain even when not participating in the game.
    • The game is free on mobile and can be cross played on PC.
    • Platforms are Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S/, Xbox One, Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Disney Dreamlight Valley is the top adventure game. It is considered a hybrid between a life-sim and adventure game that allows you to build friendships with almost everyone from Goofy to Wall-E. To explore the adventure more, you will need to go deeper into your progress. This game fills the world with familiar Disney faces.

    • It is an in-game store filled with cosmetic items.
    • Get an exploration of a different Disney world and complete the guests.
    • The game is rated for everyone, and the platforms are Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S/One, Mac, and PC.


    Any person who loves games has definitely played several Fortnite matches. Apart from making a name in the gaming Fortnite – a free royale battle game- it is also the biggest name in culture. So many memes, dances, and crossovers are provided. This game is rated for teens, and the platforms are Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, PC, Android, iOS.

    • Free-to-play structure and light-hearted, bright, and fun-filled graphics.
    • Fast matchmaking feature.
    • It is accessible and is interesting gameplay.

    Forza Horizon 4

    This game allows players to drive across huge and beautiful maps while competing in various events. Moreover, the English countryside can change as per season. You’ll find this technical racing game interesting and thrilling if you’re an automobile enthusiast. Forza Horizon 4 also provides the freedom to progress through the game as per your desire. Everyone can play this game; the platforms are Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10.

    • Gorgeous environments are available.
    • Seasons change depending on how you approach races.
    • The skills of the games are directly tied to the vehicles.

    Kingdom Hearts III

    This game is a role-playing game with a bit of a scam involved. In Kingdom Hearts III game, Square Enix tricks players by putting Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, and other Disney mascots on the cover of a game.

    • This game is rated E10+ for Ages 10 and UP, and its platforms are PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.
    • Children can get something out of it as they can hang out inside Disney movies.

    Kirby Star Allies

    Kirby Star Allies is the game you should go for if you are looking for gentle fun in candy-colored worlds. This game has an all-star lineup of mascot platformers, including Mario, Donkey Kong, and pretty much all making it appropriate for kids.

    This game stands out not because Kirby is the cutest but because games are the most accessible.

    In Kirby Star Allies, the gimmick is to recruit enemies as friends.

    • Rated E10+ for Ages 10 and Up.
    • Its platform is Nintendo Switch.
    • The game comes in multiple game modes.
    • You can play on your own or with your friends.

    The Bottom Line

    Today video games are popular among all standards. With the games mentioned above, you can bring plenty of entertainment for your kids. Kids of all ages can choose from these video games and cherish many fun activities. After all, video games are a fun activity for friends and family to play together. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Video Games Beneficial for Child’s Health?

    Though video games hold a bad reputation, there are so many benefits associated with them too. The advantage is totally inclined toward the type of video games your children play. Some games will help in enhancing your child’s problem-solving skills or hand-eye coordination. Virtual reality games enable children to do some physical activity.

    What Makes a Good Video Game?

    Even if everything about your video game is amazing, it cannot be considered a good game if it doesn’t allow proper interactivity with the user. Here are some points associated with an amazing video game.

    • Attractive visual theme and interesting styles.
    • Great controls.
    • The game’s quality should be good – excellent sound and music.
    • Memorable characters and a good balance of challenge and reward.


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