Operating Systems Compared: Windows, macOS, Chrome OS & Linux

  • Operating Systems Compared: Windows, macOS, Chrome OS & Linux

    Confused about which operating system to run on your laptop? As a matter of fact, selecting an appropriate OS has wide-ranging consequences. You need to take care of availability, interface design, ease of use, apps and games, and many more while choosing a suitable one. However, here is a post explaining different operating systems – Linux-based Ubuntu, which is a free and open-source option, Windows and macOS, which are considered powerful in terms of hardware/software and interface conveniences and suitability and Chrome OS – a more lightweight OS that runs on inexpensive hardware. 

    Get to learn what an operating system is, why run just one operating system, why run software that is compatible with a particular OS, and many more. Please note multibook setup and virtualization software will let you run more than one operating system on your computer. In this write-up, we have compared the best systems – consumer operating systems.

    What is an Operating System?

    Operating systems are actually software that makes computers work. It serves as an interface between the hardware and the application software. You’ll see OSes launched nowadays have slick user interfaces, loads of utilities, tools, and preloaded apps that allow you to do a lot without even installing. In most of the software, you will get to use built-in security features and support for VPNs as well.

    Factors to Consider While Choosing an Operating System

    While selecting the best operating systems for your purpose, always keep in mind the below-mentioned factors.

    • Hardware options, range of software availability like gaming, productivity.
    • It includes apps, utilities,
    • interface design, mobile and cloud integrations, stability, security, and updates as well.

    Comparing Different Operating Systems

    Find below a thorough comparison of different types of operating systems available.

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10

    This operating system powers more than 1.4 billion Pcs, which makes it the most popular desktop operating system. Despite Windows 10 being a success, Microsoft moved the platform to Windows 11, which has modernized the user interface, adding new products and gaming capabilities. Windows 10 is great in terms of interface clarity, plenty of included tools in it, and usability. There is a right-panel Action Center that offers convenience to consolidate notifications giving access to frequently needed settings. In addition, it can easily slip into a very usable tablet mode along with touch gesture support.

    Windows is the only way to go for gaming, especially VR gaming. It includes Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage and syncing service. The story of Windows has also improved with impressive Android integrations. Compared to its past, this time, it has become more secure and stable.

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11

    Windows 11 is almost the same as Windows 10This operating system runs on all the same apps and mostly the same hardware choices. (Newer CPUs and PCs with a security tip, TPM needs to apply). With Windows 11, users get nearly all the advantages of Windows 10 – The widest selection option of hardware, software, and video games as well. Capabilities it has that can’t be found in Windows 10 are:

    • Snap layouts
    • New HDR display support
    • Better security

    When compared in terms of performance and productivity, Windows 11, however, was found to be a notch faster than Windows 10. But the rating of Windows 11 is found to be slightly lower than Windows as some of its interface elements are less functional.

    Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa)

    Ubuntu is completely free and open source. You can install Ubuntu Linux on any hardware that runs well on Windows. This operating system offers a pleasing interface along with a workable selection of included apps. You can find office suites, browsers, email, and media apps in it. When it comes to interface, the macOS interface is much like Windows with touchscreen functionality. Ubuntu operating system can be found to be more secure and stable. Canonical provides regular security patches and updates, and Ubuntu has built-in security protections in it.

    The new version of Ubuntu – version 22.4 updates it to the Linus 5.17 Kernel and adds features mostly for enterprise and developer usage. 

    Apple macOS Monterey

    Apple’s desktop operating system is considered polished, capable, and reliable as well. It can tie up perfectly with iPhones and other devices from the tech giant family. The OS gets updates almost every year with Ventura in the year 2022. Various options are available, like Mac mini, MacBook, and super powerful Mac pro. The interface is slick, and you will find that it is more consistent than any other OS choices included here. Since Apple’s OS is document based, unlike Windows, which is program-based, macOS’s app has the same menu provided by the OS at the top. Another difference you will find is between Windows’ Taskbar and macOS’s Dock. In macOS, Apple includes good parental controls with screen time. Also, this operating system is known for security.

    Google Chrome OS

    Google Drive can be used to store all your data. Chrome OS has moved now and is offering true desktop features such as file folders for local files; the Google Assistant voice AI a night mode, and tight integration with Android phones. The operating system – Chrome OS, includes two very different app stores such as Chrome Web Store and Google Play. The only related problem is that Android apps behave inconsistently on Chrome as they were designed for small and portrait-mode phone screens rather than wide computer screens. 

    • You will not find high-end professional applications on Chrome OS like full Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, and powerful video editing software. Google includes a full suite of apps and services for different areas.
    • Google keeps adding inconveniences such as Android phone tethering, better offline functionality, multiple virtual desktops, and a clever Tote feature to keep documents and images ready.

    Final Verdict

    For most users, Windows operating systems are considered the best in terms of design, pricing, and hardware selection. However, professionals who are comfortable paying more charges can find MacOS as the best option because of the optimized hardware and software in it.


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