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  • The sold-out show amused attending lovers with Maple Mobile Mesos a live concert in addition to different activities including a cosplay contest. More to the  point, this event gave developers of MapleStory the opportunity to celebrate the match 14th anniversary by discussing their favourite memories about working on the match. The developers also mimicked the June upgrade which adds Pathfinder, the personality that was new to be released after the Black Mage update.

    Additionally, the team shared news about MapleStory two's May 30th upgrade where players may get a new course, Striker, who is a master of battle and utilizes bare-handed martial arts abilities in conflict. Also, the upgrade introduces Eye of Lapenta, a storyline that includes new dungeons and ascendent equipment. This upgrade also increases the level cap to 70 and triggered Rank 2 abilities for many jobs.In case you missed it, have a look at our review of the game where we talk about its solid gameplay execution.

    Using a high equipment score and reaching level 50 can prove to be a challenging feat in MapleStory 2. This proves particularly true once you wish to go into challenging dungeons immediately. As such, players will need to be educated that patience is indeed a virtue.

    Hard dungeons require more time than ordinary ones, requires certain celebration setups, and doesn't have infinite respawns. It's easy to get overwhelmed and have a bad time when inputting one headset on right after hitting required gear score. Luckily, we are here to guide you and assist you gear up fast so it is possible to confront bosses that are exciting!

    Whether you're attempting to buy Maplestory M Mesos avoid it, finishing the story is the most easy way to reach level 50 and reach a equipment score--and ultimately allow you to enter dungeons. Will take you up to level 50, and you'll want to prepare for grinding at the normal dungeons. You can do side quests and some exploration quests as well, but those often have a good deal more time.