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  • Not OP, but for me, it's only ever been notices of PS4 sales. It's never been for a single game (Summer Lease, etc.), and they may be nba 2k21 mt coins easily deleted. Not positive if it's different for anybody else.

    It is going to get so much worse on the PS5 today that the shop is totally integrated into the OS. Those new cards they showed off? Perfect place for a ad for DLC. A fast link in an older Triple A game for the sequel that's coming shortly with a direct buy button right in the OS.

    Lmao that is precisely the same thread every year. 2K has like 90 minute loading times, they always add in a 2K TV movie or an ad to divert you in the loading times. Theyve done this for SEVEN years now. Every thread people act like that is fresh.

    How wrong is it at this stage though?

    Why shouldn't EA make as far as they need off those folks? Why should they bother to produce a really high excellent game when customers have fervently voted"yes" for your mediocre cash grab?

    At this point I wonder whether 2K and EA have their hands tied by NBA and NFL respectively. Practically none of their other games have as much anti consumer shit since these yearly sports matches. Not even 2K's WWE games are chock full of this shit.

    There's no reason to assume that when the buy nba 2k21 mt games are full of micro-transactions that would just benefit 2K Not one of 2K's other games are filled with things like this. No additional 2K game has full on ads, and also the only other 2K game that could be compared monetization shrewd is GTA Online and even then you will find a lot of approaches to earn money unlike the 2K sports matches and VC.