Even for those for whom wow classic gold

  • We chose to wow classic gold perform a dungeon run and went to the Nexus. I remember that being quite challenging back in the afternoon, but we just emptied through without even taking note of healer/tank/dps roles.

    I was totally not convinced you may actually die in order a DPS I chose to run up ahead and pull like 6 packs of crap. To my surprise I'd die, but no one else did - I was ressed and we continued on and finished the dungeon in like 10 minutes.

    So yeah for people who have come to wow classic gold after a very long absence from the sport, or even for those for whom wow classic gold is their first WoW experience, I don't think there'll be much exodus into retailstores.

    There's something to be said about strategically approaching and pulling mobs and not just Leroy Jenkinsing everything and coming out unscathed.. Now they've mechanics, cool,but it is possible to pull 10 mobs at a time and ignore the mechanisms and be nice. So. . why?

    The wow classic gold version at that level is significantly harder. It's like, if you don't want there to be any challenge whatsoever until epic and mythic issue, why even have the foundation content? Just skip it, focus your efforts on making more/better raid content if that is what the game really is.

    Idk, retail just feels strange to cheap classic wow gold me. Its like they believe that they must hold onto a few of the vestiges in the first game but do not wish to bother the player even a small bit so none of it is real content.