Elden Ring Scavenger Curved Sword Build - Best PVE Build


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    If you're simply looking for procs, the Twinblades technically will proc faster given that they have more bleed about the same hit six times for the jump attacks. However, the Scavenger Curved Sword has more pure damage than when producing buildup and gets more resistant throughout your struggle; you can get more regular damage between procs and, finally, do thousands per jump attacks amongst and still proc. If you want to select frost and bleed, you will need to experience this Elden Ring 1.08 PVE build.

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    - Two Curved Scavenger Swords, one with Chilling Mist, one with Seppuku. Scavenger Curved Sword is able to do insane damage; the innate bleed with them is really cool, and after that being able to put frost around the offhand one is basically helpful. For the offhand one, we're using Chilling Mist; doing this, we can get Frost without needing to scale with intelligence; within the right-hand one, we're using Seppuku to maximize bleed and the damage that we are capable of doing.

    It's truly incredibly strong and particularly about the Scavenger Curved Sword, simply because have such high harm, to begin with, and having the capability to use Chilling Mist is a really big bonus because we actually don't need many intelligence because of this build, but obtaining the no scaling there as much as that goes given it just will give you that additional Frost for 40 seconds after you utilize it. After that we're choosing high arcane, and after that, we're going to buy arcane due to the fact we're utilizing the Scavenger Curved Sword inside the right hand for the occult.

    You can manage both, which gives you incredible power and versatility inside the build and is the primary recommendation for PVE. Bleed/frost and bleed/bleed use a lot in PvP, except for PVE, should you make the game a little easier. Hence, you end up with the curved scavenger swords; even in case you're not really a fan of bleed builds for their damage alone, it is a fantastic way to change it out up and also to do plenty of damage and work towards pricing stuff, as well as getting thousands of harm. For the most part, you're gonna enjoy the best out of when Chilling Mist is active; it's that additional frost on it from your Ash of War, which can give you many buildups.

    If you need a different one for your offhand, you just have one scavenger curved, sword. Select Bandit's Curved Sword; it is an excellent option, given it's more accessible. Also, the scavenger curve swords undoubtedly are a little challenging to get; it's just one per playthrough. For enemies that do not bleed and do frost, you'll be able to still do a silly amount of harm.

    If you need to practice this build, it’s always to rehearse stuff on field bosses and unsuspecting enemies; you are able to have a very lot more freedom with your attacks.


    White Mask

    Raptor’s Black Feathers


    Millicent’s Prosthesis

    Lord of Blood’s Exultation

    Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

    Claw Talisman

    Quick Item

    Flask of Wondrous Physick

    - Thorny Cracked Tear

    - Faith-knot Crystal Tear

    Stats (Level 150)

    For the build stats at level 150, invest heavily in arcane at 60, and put a small amount into intelligence and a bit of extra dexterity in that room. These stats worked fantastic at 150, which is plenty even for the max scaling now and works well for buffing.

    - Vigor 50

    - Mind 16

    - Endurance 24

    - Strength 16

    - Dexterity 25

    - Intelligence 20

    - Faith 33

    - Arcane 60

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