WLK the 2nd round of testing from the Ulduar instance, several


    As the brand new version of the 2nd phase from the WLK "Secret of Ulduar" gets closer, Blizzard has additionally made some changes towards the Ulduar instance, and announced time for the 2nd round of instance testing.

    The time for the 2nd test from the Ulduar instance continues to be confirmed

    The latest news on the official website from the US server:


    We’d prefer to again thank everyone for all the bug reports along with other data we got in the last round of testing in Ulduar. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve fixed many issues making a few other adjustments towards the raid, and for that reason, we are going to go on and enable Ulduar Raid testing on PTR again next weekend from noon p.m.PST on Friday, January 6th to 10:00 a.m.PST on Monday, January 9th.

    Thank you again for the feedback and bug reports to date! Hopefully, we can see you back on PTR around again a few days ago.

    Instructions for repairing and replying to the contents from the Ulduar

    At the same time frame, the state also explained and took care of immediately some content repairs.

    Regarding the issue that wild growth can give prioritizing pets before players:

    This is not a bug, currently. This is how the spell functioned in 3.3.5 even though we are conscious of this and agree it’s not strictly ideal, we now have no intention to change it at the moment.

    Regarding the issue that ranged weapon damage incorrect:

    We must have a new development on PTR sometime today, which issue ought to be resolved for the reason that new build. Thanks for that report!

    Regarding the issue that Legplates from the Endless Void stats are incorrect:

    We’ve got a brand new PTR build coming soon and Legplates from the Endless Void ought to be reflecting correct stats within this new build. Thank you for that report.

    Regarding Algalon visual issues:

    We’ve made several adjustments to the Algalon room that should help ameliorate these problems. We will be testing the raid again a few days ago and the visuals on the ground in particular ought to be significantly improved during the last round of testing.