Lost Ark: Brelshaza Gate 5 - Three Minutes Guide


    Today, we'll go over to Brelshaza in three minutes. Gate 5 is easier than you imagine, so don’t worry.

    For battle items, prepare Time Stop Potion, Potions, Swiftness Robe, and Whirlwind Grenades, which may be got by utilizing Lost Ark Gold.

    180~140) Figure Pattern

    At 180, the figure pattern begins until 140 white and black figures spawn per five health bars. Party 1 is white, and Party 2 is black until 140. You need to eat these figures for any party number x2 amount.

    For example, if you’re several 4 in Party 2, you have to eat 8 black figures. You can check your stack above as well as your Mana bar. The opposite color figure can lower one stack of yours, so carefully fill in your amounts.

    Around 140, stop attacking the boss and appearance your stacks dodging figures. As Party members, fill in the right number of figure stacks and attack the boss.

    When the boss’s HP gets less than 140, go to your number x3 positions. Soon, two players get connected along with a giant figure hole is made underneath the player who ate the black figure. The point of view changes and a white meteor mark is offered to a random player four 4 times. Aim for the best figure hole to resolve the pattern. Feeding the best figure hole, you have to avoid the giant laser Brelshaza shoots.

    110) Stagger Pattern

    At 110, stagger pattern. Brelshaza teleports to the middle and 2 black spheres spawn on the right and left. P1 left and P2 right. And she shows an order to let us know which to stagger first.

    For now, it’s left-right-middle. Following an order, Party one staggers the sphere and presses an emoji to allow Party 2 to know it’s their turn. Then Party 2 stagger their sphere, and all sorts of members stagger the boss in the center.

    Staggering the boss in the center, two Brelshaza clones appear. One in the north and something in the South. Clones attempt to silence players, so players must counterattack clones to prevent them. Choose one player from each Party, who'll counterattack clones. Then 6 players will stagger the boss in the center. All did?

    Two portals spawn on the right and left. Party 1 joins the portal at left and Party 2 and 3 members join the portal along with a single player who must dribble the boss until they rejoin.

    Inside the portal, you’ll satisfy the small version of the cube you met in Gate 4. When the cube’s HP reaches 10, the stagger bar appears. Stagger the little cube for additional buff marbles. Four members in Party 1 eat 3 buff marbles each.

    Single members in Party 2 should eat 12 buff marbles. You did? Kill the cube and quickly escape. Soon, the boss moves to the center and shows yellow lines. Break the shield and stagger the boss following yellow lines. After the stagger, look for a safe zone that suits the directions you saw.

    85) Second Figure Pattern

    At 85, the second figure pattern. Do the same until 54. Check your stack and reach 50 for that pattern. Run to number x3+1 to produce a figure hole. Dodge explosions and feed the meteor in the right hole and that’s it for Brelshaza Gate 5.