Lost Ark: Best Ranged Builds


    For fans of ranged builds, Lost Ark provides a bounty of great options to select from.

    Lost Ark quickly became a leading title in PC games soon after its release in 2019 and introduced various classes to players. However, players often face the daunting selection of identifying the best-ranged builds despite identifying a class they might want to star in. Today, we'll share the secrets that should help the game's fans make an educated choice on ranged builds in Lost Ark. After choosing the class and also the character, look out for effective weapons for various scenarios. For instance, when targeting an enemy miles away, players need a powerful gem that may target and produce them down from a safe distance.

    In Lost Ark, you will find multiple awesome builds; however, for your ranged attack, you will find a handful of forms that players should target. Unfortunately, simply choosing the best Lost Ark builds can be quite challenging. In that accord, fans might find it twice as hard to decide what to use to inflict damage from a distance. For this reason, we now have compiled some suitable Lost Ark ranged builds for the following time you choose to embark on the RPG.

    8 Gunlance And Shield

    The Gunlance and Shield are highly-rated weapons which are also one of the top ranged builds in Lost Ark. With the Gunlancer's ability, the melee class, players strike the Gunlance leaving chaos within the enemy team from so far as 20m away. Advantageously, this weapon has a shield to provide gamers extra protection from all attacks.

    In addition to its highly ranged abilities, the Gunlancer delivers a panic attack effect as high as 80 points. At the same time, the duo offers impressive defense levels that may reach as much as 90 points. However, this duo fails to deliver by delivering slow Gunlancer speed because of its massive build type. Eventually, players often outlook the rate flaw and decide to provide its magnificent support structure that may reach 70.

    7 Lightweight Gauntlet

    Lovers from the Wardancer, the female martial artist, benefit from the advantage of enjoying ranged attacks. Using the Lightweight Gauntlet, players serve the opponents with lightning-fast strikes and crushing blows. Coupled with a panic attack level of 80 along with a speed rate as high as 90, this build is a top pick for a lot of players.

    Lightweight Gauntlet is one of the best-ranged building Lost Ark. Additionally, the weapon provides a medium defense rate of as high as 40 points.

    6 Mechanical Bow

    The Mechanical Bow may be the main weapon within the Sharpshooter class as well as one of the most suitable ranged builds in Lost Ark. From so far as 30m, fire the bows toward the target to unleash physically devastating disasters. Similarly, players may use this bow to hinder their attackers' visuals providing them with the opportunity to strategize their next move.

    The weapon provides an impressive attack record of as high as 70 points. At the same time, the Mechanical Bow is along with the amazing speed, and moderate defense and support rates supplied by its class. For this reason, the Mechanical Bow should be one of the top gamers' choices when searching for ranged weapons.

    5 The Guns

    Most fans of Lost Ark, know to not mess with the Deadeye. Guns would be the primary weapon for that class. Also, just like many other gun builds, the Deadeye Gun is a strong-ranged build to include in battles for ranged protection as much as 60m away.

    Switch between Handguns, Shotguns, and Rifles to provide ranged attacks as high as 70 points at a 50-speed rate. To spice up this mixture, benefit from the special skills of their holder. The Male Gunner can provide the best defense and support level.

    4 Heavy Gauntlet

    The Heavy Gauntlet is a powerful melee weapon used within the Scrapper class and handled by a female Lost Ark martial artist. Although it provides a short selection of 30m, its monstrous attack and defense abilities allow it to be one of the best-ranged items within the Lost Ark.

    Using the Heavy Gauntlet, channel the fierce fury of the Scrapper to transmit raging destruction rates as high as 80 points per strike. The Gauntlet career has additional benefits, like high speed (60) and defense rate (40); thus increasing the suitability of the weapon inside a ranged pursuit. At the same time, the Heavy Gauntlet offers moderately friendly support to the teammates. Players may use the effect of the weapon to enhance their colleagues' health as much as 20 times.

    3 Heavy Launcher

    The Artillerist Male Gunner uses the Heavy Launcher because of its potent class ability to provide ranged attacks. From a safe distance of 60m, blast devastating powers into the rival team. The Heavy Launcher lets gamers launch explosives delivering as many as 60 extreme attacks with much prejudice. Although the Artillerist offers poor speed and support rates, it squares using its attractive degree of defense.

    Players who make use of this weapon ought to be skilled enough to administer precise attacks. The Launcher offers both ground-level as well as on-air deadly effects towards the alternate team.

    2 The Harps

    The Harp provides one of the best range abilities in Lost Ark. From a 90m range, Lost Ark players can harp enemies into destruction while using musical strings' prowess from the Harp. At the same time, this weapon can help games revive teammates, even while at a distance.

    Used within the Bards class through the Mage female, the Harp offers as much as 80 amounts of defense power while advancing within the gameplay. Similarly, a person using it can deliver a panic attack up to the rate of 80 at a speed of 70 points. Invoke the magical songs offered within the class to help keep safe from a distance and save your valuable team. While inside a distant position, straighten out the Lost Ark crew as much as 100% health in the musical sounds from the Harp.

    1 Great Sword

    Not only may be the Great Sword one of the strongest weapons, but also one of the greatest to use from the range. With the power from the blade, rendering the opponent is weak from so far as 30m away. The Berserker, Lost Ark's top quality, maybe the holder of the destructive weapon. The Male warrior uses the Great Sword to serve a panic attack of as much as 110 at a speed of 70.

    On the downside, however, the Berserker class offers very weak defense; thus, the huge blades are probably not gamers' best pick if searching for a maximum defense mechanism. Fortunately, the blade comprises by allowing players to provide mighty distant destruction to the attacker.

    Lost Ark can be obtained on GeForce now as well as on PCs via Steam.