How to solo beat Valiant Gargoyle Duo, Siofra Aqueduct

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    If you're soloing this boss fight, you must have great spacial awareness. While you're attacking one gargoyle, regularly be aware of the place that the other is. If you're not focusing on the second one's location, you'll encounter its poisonous mist or get attacked and instantly die.

    If you don't need to good dodge-roll timing plus a fast sword, this complete fight will need to be played defensively. Whether you are mage or even a knight, a powerful shield will let you greatly when you have trouble rolling promptly and making distance. With a solid shield, you can preserve your position and watch for an opening without taking much damage.

    If you just aren't a mage that really needs distance, plus you've got to get close and private with the boss, try rolling into its feet and behind the boss when attemping to evade general attacks. General attacks like swings and slams could be helped using this method. If you have a timely weapon, better yet. Keeping at one gargoyle's feet and tanking the boss will probably be easy.

    Of course, this won't found for wide berth AOE damage like if your Twinblade gargoyle does a tornado spin. There will definitely nevertheless be instances that you must run and defend. Those instances are once this gargoyle starts spinning his twinblade and leaps to the air, plus the moment both gargoyles to push out a poisonous mist. These are the two deadly attacks that most players should run and hide for. Another dangerous attack is once the twinblade gargoyle shouts. A white aura will surround it. When this happens, the gargoyle begins swinging frenetically. It's best to step away and let lit get its anger out.

    As a mage, you might want to use fast sword spells like Carian Piercer plus a medium shield since it will likely be hard to stay safe and devote some time casting spells, more than anything else when the other gargoyle spawns. When the gargoyles switch weapons, you'll have a gap to unleash spells.

    If you have a shield, you should definitely have your Stamina leveled up. Alternatively, it is possible to equip the Green Turtle Talisman or Viridian Amber Medallion to possess increased Stamina. Blocking consumes Stamina, so you will need some left for your attacks and spells.

    No matter strategy you select, keep the 2nd gargoyle (Twinblade) at the safe distance since you finish off reduce costs. The first one will have low health as you started fighting it in the beginning. If you try to teeter between both, the struggle will last longer and grow more difficult. The Twinblade gargoyle would be the hardest, so consider the other one down first. Be defensive while using twinblade until it is possible to have some one-on-one time by it.

    Wondrous Flask of Physik

    Depending on the your play style is, it is best to adjust your Flask accordingly. If you often inflict a certain type of damage like Fire or Lightning, always use those Crystal Tears. You can find Crystal Tears that boost stats. Depending on your build, equip a Crystal Tear that can boost your Intelligence, Strength or etc damage.

    You could also want to just a whole second healing potion while using Flask. This may be done while using Cerulean Crystal Tear (Restores half FP) and Crimson Crystal Tear (Restores half HP). We have a guide detailing the very best Flask combinations for players.

    As always, like a last resort, it is possible to always change to a Bleed build. Allowing a deadly status effect to develop and tick down one boss's health away whilst you deal together with the other will greatly help.

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