Ranking every NFL Hall of Fame quarterba

  • An interesting talking point began almost immediately after Super Bowl LVI: the Hall of Fame merits of quarterback , who led the Rams to a 23-20 win over the . That topic led to an idea to rank each of the 28 quarterbacks who have already received enshrinement in Canton, Ohio.Below is a ranking of the quarterbacks who are currently in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here was the criteria used when coming up with the ranking:Career and single-season statisticsIndividual accoladesChampionships wonImpact on the gameIntangible skillsA question was also used when comparing quarterbacks: Troy Aikman doesn't have the stats or the individual awards that many of his Hall of Fame peers have, but he has more rings as a starting quarterback than all but two quarterbacks who are currently enshrined. While awards and numbers are nice, one would venture to gue s that most people would choose Aikman's career over many other quarterbacks on this Brooklyn Nets Jeresy list. (Aikman was also a great quarterback in his own right, which we'll get to momentarily.)Without further ado, let's get started. 4-0 in Super Bowls; 2-time MVP; 3-time Super Bowl MVP; 1986 Comeback Player of the Year; 5-time leader in completion percentage Montana was widely considered the greatest quarterback in league annals prior to legendary run. Montana's career had the perfect mix of stats and individual and team accomplishments. He also had a hand in some of the most famous plays in league history. 5-time MVP; 2-time Super Bowl champion; Super Bowl XLI MVP; No. 2 all-time in wins by a starting QB; No. 3 all-time in career pa sing yards and TD pa ses The ultimate field general, Manning's immense talent was matched only by his supreme intellect. Manning loved mixing it up against the greatest defensive minds in football, from Bill Belichick to Ray Lewis. Manning was also a serial winner, as he won at least 10 games 14 times. He led two different franchises to a combined four Super Bowls, winning two. 3-time MVP; 3 James Harden Jersey -time NFL champion; Super Bowl V champion; first QB to reach 40,000-career pa sing yardsThe greatest quarterback during the NFL's first 50 seasons. Unitas' record of 47 consecutive games with a touchdown pa s stood for over 50 years until it was finally broken by Drew Brees. A quarterback who was way ahead of his time, Unitas led Baltimore in the first overtime playoff game in NFL history, a 23-17 win over the in the 1958 NFL Championship Game. "Cla sic drop-back pa ser."Bill Belichick shows you one of the greatest QBs to ever throw the ball in Johnny Unitas : NFL 100 All-Time Team NFL Network (@nflnetwork) 3-time MVP; Super Bowl XXXI champion; retired as the NFL's all-time leader in pa sing yards and TD pa ses; owns NFL record with 297 consecutive games started Favre wore No. 4, so it's only fitting that's where he lands on the list. A cla sic gunslinger, Favre's fearle sne s resulted in big plays as well as heartbreak. Favre often played his best on the brightest stages. He called two audibles in his first Super Bowl against a Bill Belichick-coached defense, and the results were touchdown pa ses of 54 and 81 yards. Favre's most memorable night, however, was his the day after his father pa sed away.1984 MVP; retired as NFL's all-time leader in career pa sing yards and pa sing TD; held league's single-season records for pa sing yards (5,084 yards) and TD pa ses (48) for 27 and 20 years, respectively Marino is regarded as arguably the best pure pa ser in league history. He led the NFL in pa sing yards five times and in Joe Harris Jersey touchdown pa ses on three occasions, doing so during an era where receivers and quarterbacks were not as protected by league rules. While he never won a Super Bowl, Marino guided the to 10 postseason appearances and 147 regular season wins. 2-time Super Bowl champion; Super Bowl XXXIII MVP; 1987 MVP; 148 regular season wins; 14-7 postseason recordAlong with his pa sing prowe s, Elway was a dangerous runner with 3,407 yards and 33 touchdowns over his 16 seasons. Before winning back-to-back titles at the end of his career, Elway led the to three AFC titles over a four-year span from 1986-89. Elway's famous game-tying drive late in the 1986 AFC Championship Game helped the Broncos capture their second AFC title. His helicopter spin in Super Bowl XXXII keyed Denver's upset of Green Bay.3-time NFL MVP; 3-time NFL champion; 4-time AAFC champion; 9-3 playoff record; 4-time NFL leader in completion percentage Graham spent nearly half of his career in the "inferior" AAFL, which is why he isn't higher on the list. That said, Graham and the Browns' quick succe s in the NFL largely solidified their AAFL dominance. Along with being a prominent pa ser, Graham was one of the greatest winners in league Kyrie Irving Jersey annals, as he played for a title in each of his 10 seasons. 2-time NFL champion; 8-time NFL leader in completion percentage during 16-year career; 4-time NFL leader in pa sing yards; 2-time NFL leader in TD pa ses Baugh's impact on the NFL goes beyond numbers. The league's first succe sful dropback pa ser, Baugh helped modernize the pa sing game. His 2,938 pa sing yards in 1947 (a single-season record that stood until 1960) was nearly 1,100 more yards than the next most prolific season in league history by any quarterback not named Otto Graham. Baugh's 70.3 completion percentage in 1945 stood as the NFL record until 1982. 4-time Super Bowl champion; 2-time Super Bowl MVP; 1978 MVP; 107-51 regular season record; 14-5 playoff record Bradshaw overcame a rocky start to his career to help lead the to four Super Bowl wins over a six Jarrett Allen Jersey -year span. Along with being Pittsburgh's play-caller, Bradshaw threw the game-deciding touchdown in each of the Steelers' Super Bowl wins. His signature performance was during Pittsburgh's 35-31 win over Dallas in Super Bowl XIII, when he threw for 318 yards and four touchdowns against the ' vaunted "Doomsday" defense. 10 Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl XIII champs The 1978 was led by Terry Bradshaw to become the first franchise in the NFL to win three Super Bowl titles : NFL 100 GREATEST TEAMS on NFL Network NFL Network (@nflnetwork) 2-time Super Bowl champion; Super Bowl VI MVP; 85-29 regular season record; 21 game-winning drives "Captain America" was literally unbeatable in 1971; he went 10-0 as a starter in the regular season before helping lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win over Don Shula's Dolphins. If he had a kryptonite, it was the Steelers, who he was 0-2 against in Super Bowls. Along with helping popularize the NFL (and specifically the quarterback position), Staubach was the first quarterback to thrive while playing primarily out of the shotgun. 2-time MVP; 3-time Super Bowl champion; Super Bowl XXIX MVP; retired with highest pa ser rating in league history; 5-time NFL lea