Dolphins Brian Flores denies team is aud

  • The decided to start the era a bit earlier than expected, which raised questions regarding the team's plans with their franchise quarterback. Miami decided to stand pat in the 2020 and have Tagovailoa fall into their lap at No. 5 overall, a tremendous a set in a talented NBA Indiana Pacers Jeresy quarterback cla s this season.While the Dolphins decided to start Tagovailoa despite leading the team to a 3-3 record, to start Tua based on their incredible draft capital heading into 2021. Thanks to the trade, the Dolphins currently have a top-five pick from the Indiana Pacers Jeresy along with their own first-round pick. The Dolphins also have two second-round picks in 2021, giving them an incredible amount of a sets that could be stockpiled to move up to the top two picks in order to select Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields.However, Miami made it clear this week that the franchise has its quarterback in Tagovailoa. Head coach Brian Flores denied the reports these 10 games are an audition for Tagovailoa to see what he has before the franchise makes a decision on him."I'm comfortable with what comes out of these 10 games," Flores said Thursday. "I think since I've been here, I think everybody has heard me talk about the development of players, improvement on a daily basis. So I just don't see how someone close to the Dolphins thinking could say that this would be a 10-game audition."I'm not sure where or who that came from. Just put that out there." The Dolphins certainly T. J. Warren Jersey have the a sets to trade Tagovailoa for more draft capital and stockpile even more picks while using those extra picks to move up and select their franchise quarterback next year -- but why would they want to do that regarding a player who may be the most talented signal caller in a cla s that includes and ?Tagovailoa has thrown just 24 pa ses in two games, taking just 54 snaps. He won his first start Sunday, completing 12 of 22 pa ses for 93 yards and a touchdown while also fumbling T.J. Warren Jersey once."Like everyone else, (he had) some good plays, some bad plays," Flores said earlier in the week. "We're making the corrections now. A lot of things we can get fixed. For his first time out, again, some good and some bad. Hopefully we see some improvement next week." The Dolphins are in a win-win situation with their draft capital, even though Tagovailoa Doug McDermott Jersey is the centerpiece of the franchise's plan. Lawrence and Fields will be tempting, but Miami has its quarterback.