2021 NFL season preview Ranking all eigh

  • The best thing about the NFL is its devotion to parity. Since the league expanded to eight divisions in 2002, there have only been two seasons (2014 and '19) in which a team did Mason Jones Jersey not go from worst to first. It's those very dynamics that make the sport so attractive to fans who Ben McLemore Jersey believe that all they need is a few good breaks for their favorite teams to rise to the top. Just ask the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who signed last offseason and won a Super Bowl after 12 years without a postseason appearance.This year the competition in the league will be just as stiff, so much so John Wall Jersey that ranking the divisions from top to bottom feels like a tougher exercise than usual. There shouldn't be much doubt about who belongs at the top (where the NFC West has four Sterling Brown Jersey legitimate playoff contenders) or the bottom (where the NFC East crowned the Washington Football Team as its 2020 champion after a 7-9 regular season). It's all the other divisions in between that create the challenge. They are so close in overall Jeff Green Jersey talent that it's hard to separate them at first glance.