"Song of Survivors" is a free multiplayer online

  • Cheap The Song of Survivors Currency The Song of Survivors "Song of Survivors" is a free multiplayer online barrage shooting MMO. Your character may die permanently but this is just the beginning. New heroes will inherit the legacy of the dead character and continue to fight. You Must go all out in this desperate situation to achieve a legend! If you can accept the setting of "You must repeatedly swipe to become stronger" and like to fight against BOSS with your friends then this game will be very suitable for you.

    Abandon the lengthy single-player experience process in the traditional MMO directly enter the climax link and start a group and BOSS anytime anywhere.There are 30 bosses with different styles and more than 100 monsters. Each has a unique fighting method and will use different skills to bring you all kinds of troubles. You who are constantly growing fight side by side with dozens of your comrades-in-arms and defeat the boss to get rich loot. You can also trade freely with everyone through the trading bank to create legendary equipment!

    Choose your hero from 6 different professions they all have unique skills and gameplay. Although it is inevitable that you will encounter death every death will make you stronger...As many as 300 types of weapons and equipment 50 types of inspiration cards and 15 pet partners with different functions you can form a diversified build to create your own character.z2u.com provides Cheap The Song of Survivors Currency for Sale  for players