I remember back in wow classic gold

  • I remember back in wow classic gold Mop one ret paladin soloed the star dragon while it had been current content employing the capability zeal (I believe that is exactly what it was called) when I remember correctly it would have a opportunity to proc every time you used a spell that deals sacred damage and it would boost your haste by a small amount, like%2. However itself could be stacked on by it and didn't have a limit of. This man got a ridiculous quantity of haste with his stacks somewhere in the hundreds(again if I am remembering correctly) allowing him to easily cure himself and cope with a fuck ton of harm as well.

    I would not even say PoMPyro mages would be the buy classic wow gold worst, I used it back then but I discovered. Nothing explicitly stated you had to go all of the way down in a spec, so that I used to really go down from the Fire spec to get Blast Wave, and far enough down in Frost for Ice Block.

    The main kicker of it had been Fire spec was fucking ridiculous in Vanilla, Ignite being the key reason . However, the aspects of this spec focused more on vulnerabilities, CC's and the slows. You can make the slows from Frost Bolts, and Frost Nova much better.

    ANY rated Frost bolt. Ever since Fire spec was the primary spec being used for damage in pvp in this circumstance, a Tank 1 Frostbolt was used on enemies to keep them coming after being Frost Nova'd. The 1 Frost Bolt had a cast time that is shorter than Scorch failed, that had been the quickest casting Fire ability.