You do not talk much about WoW Classic

  • A massive part of classic has been a sense of community and by having multiple people from several 17, that is prevented. It kills it, although why they're doing it from a realm stability perspective I get.

    Glad I have a notification! You do not talk much about WoW Classic, and that I do not play it (family, job, etc..) , but I have been hugely interested in this. gold wow classic has been a huge part of my life. All of my buddies were created there and I would spend days.

    I agree mmorpgs have been a time pit where keep you playing longer to cover that subscription or in the case of these games to get you to pay to win end game and everything is developed to slow your progress. Its weird what they did with all the WoW Classic expansion because you can view all the content and have no reason play then or to make friends.

    Too bad Blizzard is only giving beta access to retail players... you know, the men and women who do not care about Vanilla the maximum. There's a fanbase for other along with vanilla expansions that are past, and those players aren't subscribed to retail, and not getting access.

    I know that retail gamers won't last on the beta, and streamers won't be able to keep attention after a couple of days, so it's a mistake for them to allow active sub individuals to get beta access. and I played back and played on the servers until endgame.