You can't be sympathetic to Buy OSRS gold

  • You can't be sympathetic to Buy OSRS gold individuals who get pked after taking their whole bank into revs.I know why people pk at times I never stated that I do not know why, I just said I don't care about about the people who go into multis independently and lose everything, you understand exactly what you are risking when you go into revs.

    I'm kind of a new player also, I used to play with in 06 but I got back into RS last year and haven't even really got around to pking yet since my account isn't really ready for it if I wished to pk I would not try to practice at a multi place.

    There is no way you'll be able to make 500k an hour doing that, it is only a 70gp perimeter per cent, 250k an hour is nothing and the margins on planks are trash, 175k and hour is best site to buy osrs accounts also trash and I used to create cannonballs a lot and it's really not worth it.

    I am also trying not to use money for membership, plus I have had to put my gp into a great deal of things so anything less than 700k an hour isn't worth my time. You are strawmanning me so much here, I never stated I need to be able to make a mil one hour at level 1 but the margins for most items are shit from level 40-60.

    And when I wished to rate run games then I sure as fuck would not be playing RS, the only things I try to do as fast as possible are quests and creating gp everything else I take my time. I'm probably just gonna use all my time becoming 99 thieving since that is among the best money makers and it is almost no effort.