I mean that the Kamas Dofus Retro PvP

  • I mean that the Kamas Dofus Retro PvP they attempt to equilibrium, group PvP. The meta shifts, as you said; the old days did not have methods of getting 40 percent + res. We do, now. And it does not really matter the weapon changes are, the most destructive ones took a hit.

    And yes, some defenses will see more use than many others. Does not indicate the whole thing is stupid. Your instance of +weapon damage/spell harm. . .is it different from using something such as the set that is aermine? Some shields are more useful than others, in precisely the exact same manner.

    In terms of taking the buffs and penalties that would imply it would not be used by any one, because the bonuses are equivalent to the penalties. The majority of the better shields have a playstyle. Captain amakna is for courses which will rush in and destroy enemies, clover shield is for ranged damage dealers, carapar is fantastic for healers with healing weapons, cubist is great for enus (and it is spell damage penalty is negated by the ranged damage enthusiast, for the planned keepaway style to be good, but not overly so), and so on. Personally I will be using the tavern shield (-harm resistance isn't something I need, and I move melee too often to use clover protect ) and carapar.

    Shields are intended to be specialization tools. There are guards which work for dofus kamas buy omni courses , like the tavern shield, but they're overall less powerful. . .which is nice. Omni assembles trade power for flexibility. You stop from swapping defenses based on the fight and you can make full use of them anyhow.