Both of these games are Maplestory M Mesos

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    I prefer damn near everything in the first Maplestory except the host equilibrium...The first maplestory has my favorite course from any MMORPG of all time, the Kanna, able to increase spawn rate and density of mobs onto a map by efficiently 75 percent once you put them together. Makes for fun questing, lots of loot, easy to acquire economy items/etc... Just entertaining complete course to play its other map broad attack abilities and cool things it can do.

    Familiars are monster summons which follow you around and attack stuff. After you kill a monster, then it's a chance to shed a Familiar Card (Use tab thing ). Double click and Maplestory mobile mesos provide your recognizable a name. You may never change the title again so pick carefully! The familiar will then be summoned and it remains alive until it runs from energy (reddish orb over its mind ).