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  • For me, my conduct game is remarkable. I can make plays. Trap zone, power, iso, you name it and I will run it. As my developments, on defense I want to Madden nfl 20 coins expand my assortment of plays for. Any zone blitzes hardly run. Additionally, I dont conduct many cover 4 or 3 plays. Interestingly, when they have been run by me I have been successful. What is your strengths and weaknesses? About a 9 game win streak now in my CFM was in a slump right 9-0. Week thanksgiving happened with two force wins along with a Bye.

    The next thing I know that it's been week that is straight without even playing a match and I've preceded to lose 3. All of sudden I pass or can not stop the run had the number one defense in the league prior to this frustrating. Attempting to reset get back to the fundamentals of conducting the ball. Also attempting to enhance my game actually trying to get better at studying defensive coverage. Madden for me is a lot like golf sometimes it feels like I have it all figured out it and then one thing changes and it is like I have to basically re learn how to play.

    That is regarded as the dumbest CPU I have seen they have no soccer logic. Half the time I lose games because the CPU decides to do something dumb, it is. You can't control the Madden players they need to fix the CPU. Is it difficult to incorporate logic into some thing? I've got an interception animations And the man completely phasers throughout the ball. End it ends up being a long pass touchdown. That is unbelievable! Gaping holes however, the CPU decides to run for some reason towards the 1 defender. God Madden is a heap of trash. Every optimistic about Madden gets ruined by CPU.

    My friend is really good at madden however he buy Mut 20 coins conducts exactly the play on protection. He uses the nickel twice I cant move the chunk and a gap formation. He doesnt blitz he just rushes the four linemen and drops the two pounds. I can not really run the ball much either.How in depth with your playcalling are you really?