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  • In our opinion, the best home remedy to lose weight is ... a change in lifestyle! Is that one of the main causes of obesity and overweight is the modern lifestyle, too sedentary and with a diet rich in fat, salt and sugar. In addition, these factors are cause and at the same time consequence of increasing levels of stress.   You will be surprised to know how some small changes can become the best home remedies to lose weight. Cortexi Amazon Reviews

    The formula to lose weight is very simple: you must burn more calories than you eat.

    This result is achieved by combining two factors: eating fewer calories than usual, using a balanced diet, and burn more calories by increasing physical activity.

    Notice that so far we have not talked about home remedies to lose weight like herbal teas or other concoctions!

    It is that in reality, the home remedies to lose weight can help, but the most important thing is the caloric balance. There are many strategies, such as herbal teas, shakes and even tablets or food supplements available at the pharmacy, which we will analyze below. Cortexi Amazon

    But these strategies, at the risk of your health, should not be the only ones or the main ones, but should privilege diet and exercise as key factors to lose weight.

    Regarding the diets there are also many but not all have proven to be really effective. Some promise to lose weight fast but it is important to keep in mind that there are no magic solutions.

    To lose weight in a healthy way, you must adopt a balanced diet, because our body needs all the nutrients, including a little fat that is the most important source of energy. And perform physical activity, for which it is not necessary to go to gyms, something that we cannot always do for lack of time or resources, but to adopt the habit of performing the most economical and easiest of physical exercises: walking. Cortexi Ingredients

    Consultation with a nutritionist or your doctor will allow you to first know what your caloric needs, according to age, body type and normal activity. In fact, they have the same caloric needs an athlete or an office, or a young person or an elderly person. Based on this data you can compose a balanced diet with all necessary nutrients ... without exceeding your daily calories!

    You should also know how many calories are burned with each physical activity. There is a normal caloric expenditure from the body's own activities, such as digestion, and calories that are burned simply by doing things every day, like housework. They are calories that you can count as burned before you start exercising. Cortexi