Animal Crossing: New Horizons-New Changes in Halloween Version

  • Halloween is approaching, and when the holiday is approaching, Animal Crossing also brings a new version. After the update, players can start playing Halloween events on October 1st. Although the real Halloween party needs to wait until the night of October 31st, we need to prepare for the event in advance. So what do we need to do?

    Buy candies

    Starting from October 1st, players can buy candies in the Nook store. Each person can only buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets per day, which means that everyone needs to remember to log in to the game every day in the following days! At present, the effect of eating candy is the same as eating fruit. By the time of the Halloween party on October 31st, you can play trick or treat with candies and animal islanders!

    Dress up

    Of course, you have to dress up for the Halloween party. After the update of Animal Crossing, some Halloween-themed costumes will be added. Players can go to the costume store to find "ABLE SISTERS" to buy. "ABLE SISTERS" will also provide the witch and zombie style costumes!

    Put on makeup

    In addition, clothes alone are not enough to enter the show. We can get face painting and colored contact lenses in the "Nook Miles Redemption"! Remind everyone: After the character's whole body becomes white, it is very emotional!

    Grow pumpkins

    After the game is updated, we can purchase pumpkin seedlings in the Nook store. After you plant the pumpkin seedlings, you can harvest the pumpkins in three days. Pumpkin is an important material for making Halloween DIY manuals. You can also purchase the Halloween DIY manuals in the Nook store. In addition, players can also use pumpkins to transform Halloween furniture. Since pumpkins have four colors, DIY furniture can also be transformed into four different colors.

    The ten known Halloween furniture is very beautiful, and they are very atmospheric to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets! This furniture including a pumpkin arch, pumpkin scarecrow, pumpkin tower, pumpkin street lamp, pumpkin dessert plate, pumpkin table, pumpkin chair, pumpkin lantern, pumpkin guardrail, and pumpkin shelf.

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