Everything We Know About Haunted Art in ACNH

  • In New Horizons, legal works can be easily distinguished through forgery. Because each work has a visual difference. This is the situation since New Leaf. New Leaf's first trip was to be able to identify fakes with real works without relying on Redd's dialogue.

    Although "New Leaf" first allows players to visually distinguish between specific works and fake versions, "New Horizons" actually took further counterfeiting measures and introduced the idea of "ghost" artworks.

    There remain five confirmed works of Haunted Art obtainable in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by December 2020. The full list is usually as follows: Fake Ancient Statue, Fake Graceful Painting, Fake Informative Statue, Fake Scary Painting, Fake Wistful Painting.

    These haunting artwork are possessed by varying amounts of spookiness, considering the more notable ones even featuring player interaction. And in spite of such odd characteristics, these Haunted Artworks remain unmentioned by in-game characters altogether. To Blathers, the famous Nook Brothers, along with fellow Villagers, Haunted Art isn't completely different from another forgery, which is to say, it wouldn't be donated to the museum, sold for bells, as well as gifted for a close NPC friend. Haunted Art fittingly remains inside a player's possession until they want to throw it away.

    If you like these artworks, then you can buy Cheap ACNH Rugs or items which will give you a very interesting experience. The five fake artworks stated previously will all set to exhibit haunted properties once dusk arrives and several. For example, the Ancient Statue could also react when interacted with. The Haunted Informative Statue is theoretically a counterfeit version within the original art that's constructed from ice. However, in the evening, the cold slab mysteriously glows blue. On the other hand, the Haunted Scary and Wistful Paintings seem inhabited by spirits that adjust their respective expressions. Players might find their Fake Scary Painting smiling instead of frowning since it does by daylight. Likewise, the Wistful Painting will close her eyes once night falls.

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