Animal Crossing Players Can Donate Their Spoiled Turnips Next W

  • Back in August, Hellmann's made great usage of Animal Crossing: New Horizons by inviting players to donate their spoiled turnips. For each turnip donated for Hellmann's island, real-life meals were donated to Canadian food rescue charity, Second Harvest.

    Animal Crossing: One of the most exciting and stressful features of New Horizons is the Stalk Market, where players can buy ACNH Gold on Sunday mornings in the hope of selling them, thereby making a profit throughout the following week. As experienced players are fully aware, keeping carrots for more than a week will cause these to deteriorate, which means you should lose the initial deposit and there are still many broken vegetables left.

    Now, though, Hellmann's is back with another possible opportunity to donate your in-game turnips into a good cause. Next week, Hellmann's island will available once more from 14th to 18th December between 2 pm and 10 pm GMT. Players can DM @HellmannsUK on Twitter each tour day starting at 2 pm GMT to secure a time slot and obtain a dodo code.

    From there, simply at once over for the island and donate your spoiled turnips. For every spoiled turnip given, Hellmann's will donate a true meal to FareShare, until finally 50,000 meals are already given altogether. Amazing stuff!

    Usually, that will be the end of this, but throughout a few weeks, players will in reality be able to use any spoiled turnips they must help an excellent cause. The Canadian arm of Hellmann's - yes, the mayonnaise company - has built its individual New Horizons island and definitely will allow players to go to, explore its attractions, and go away their spoiled turnips. In exchange for these spoiled turnips, Hellmann's will donate to Second Harvest, Canada's largest food rescue charity, that can help provide 25,000 meals in whole for vulnerable communities throughout the country.

    We really hope that you can find success in Stalk Market immediately if you want to participate and help those in need. This is an interesting strategy like inheriting a ruined carrot and provides some good reasons.