best online monitoring tools for 2020

  • All businesses need Internet monitoring. However, with such a wide range of network monitoring programs and tools, it is difficult to choose the one that suits your environment and your budget. In this article, we will compare and rank the best online monitoring tools for 2020.

    As part of our comparison, we looked at the important features of web management platforms such as SNMP, network mapping, upgrades/downgrade, alerts, bandwidth monitoring, network integrity. network, dashboards and many more to highlight tools with exceptional user experience.

    The list includes a mix of free, paid, and open-source software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We have also listed the key elements of each section to help you find the right tool for your network.


    SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 

    Much more than one scanner. Most network security issues arise when the configurations are changed and SolarWinds recognizes NPM and can resolve many of them automatically. Coupled with solid vulnerability analysis and advanced policy creation and monitoring options, this has long been the first choice for network surveillance systems.

    Datadog Network Performance Monitoring

    A cloud-based monitoring system for on-premises, remote, cloud or hybrid network resources.

    Paessler PRTG Network Monitor 

    Free network monitoring software that uses SNMP, packet sniffing and WMI to monitor your network.


    cloud-based RMM system includes a wide range of monitors - server, network device and application - that are suitable for all businesses.


     Web management platform tools that can monitor network devices, websites, servers, applications, etc.

    ManageEngine OpManager

    Network monitor that can monitor SNMP devices, switches, servers and virtualized network services.

    Nagios Core 

    One of the best open-source network monitoring tools. Includes viewing the Instruments Dashboard, alert system, community plugins and much more.


    Open source network monitoring software with SNMP and IPMP monitoring. It includes a community alert and add-on system.

    Icinga - An open-source network monitoring system with DSL. Includes extensions.

    Spiceworks Connectivity Dashboard 

    Free network monitoring software with high-quality dashboard and simple alert system.