Daily Maintenance Of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine

  • With the rapid development of open-type rotary screen printing machines, machine printing has gradually replaced the traditional backward hand printing. Open-type rotary screen printing machines are far superior to manual printing in terms of technology, speed and quality. However, the problems that arise during the use of the open rotary screen printing machine also frequently appear. Now I will briefly introduce the maintenance and repair of the open rotary screen printing machine and the matters that should be paid attention to daily.
    The maintenance and maintenance of air compressor components can not allow too much water and oil to enter the air pressure system, to avoid cylinder failure and shorten the service life of the cylinder, to ensure that the compressed air is dry and clean, if possible, it is best to install freeze drying Check if the oil quantity in the oil cup in the converter is enough every day, the relief valve is not used for a long time, it should be pushed to the rear end; when it stops working, the main power switch and compressed air source should be turned off; The axis should avoid magnetic loss; the parts of the horizontal slide of the table and the components with high precision must be cleaned and oiled frequently to prevent the precision from being affected by rust.
    Considering the needs of the enterprise's Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine, choose a reasonable open rotary screen printing machine price
    Before purchasing equipment, we must proceed from the actual requirements, clarify the approximate price point, so as to choose a range of development, and target. Generally speaking, high-tech enterprises have higher requirements for the quality of printed products, and the flat screen printing machine factory itself has a stronger bearing capacity. It should be positioned at a higher level when purchasing equipment. The Flat Screen Printer Factory that is in the process of starting or developing should flexo printing based on the actual situation. On the basis of meeting the printing quality requirements, choose economical and practical equipment and apply the limited funds reasonably.