Details Of Maintenance Of Flat Screen Printing Machine

  • Flat Screen Printing Machine is one of the printing equipment and one of the most commonly used printing equipment on the market. Screen printing machine, flat screen printing machine, screen printing machine, bronzing machine, heat transfer machine are all indispensable in the industry Less printing machine is an indirect printing technology, which can achieve comprehensive printing and decoration on the surface of the object. Compared with other types of printing equipment, the flat screen printing machine has good operating performance in use.
    Flat screen printing machine is one of the printing equipment, is an indirect printing technology, can achieve a comprehensive printing and decoration on the surface of the object, compared with other types of printing equipment, flat screen printing machine in use Has good operating performance, printing performance. If you want to increase the service life of flat screen printing machine and maintain printing efficiency, you need to do basic maintenance work in daily. Such as the following points:    1. The air compressor component can not allow excessive moisture and oil to enter the air pressure system to avoid cylinder failure and shorten the service life of the cylinder, to ensure the drying and cleanness of compressed air, it is best to install a freeze dryer .   2. Three-point combination, ensure that the operating pressure is within 5-7kg/cm, check daily whether the amount of oil in the converter oil cup is sufficient, and the relief valve will not be used for a long time. It should be pushed to the rear end, and air conditioning should use Zhongyou R68# (that is, special oil for air conditioning group). 3. The other is that when the work is stopped, the main power switch and compressed air source should be turned off; the speed control valve cylinder and the axis of each part should avoid magnetic loss; the horizontal slide seat part of the table and the precision and highly coordinated components must be commonly used WD- 40 Wipe clean and oil to prevent precision from being affected by rust.