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  •     In the process of operating the Hot Air Stenter equipment, the first step is to feed the shaped textile items into the equipment through the flat stripper of the edge stripper. After completion, the machine automatically hooks the two ends of the fabric web on the needle board. The mechanical operation leads the stride into the oven of the tenter. The oven is heated by electricity and the fan blows.

       In this way, after the continuous constant temperature oven treatment in different temperature ranges, the anti-static treatment is carried out, and then the swing falls into the cloth cart, and a clean and beautiful cloth is obtained. For now, tenter equipment is usually used for polyester and other chemical fiber products.

       The reason for setting these articles is mainly to make sure the texture, slippage, color, width, strength, appearance, etc. of the textiles are improved to a certain extent through the setting effect of the tenter equipment. Especially for non-pure cotton products, it can also play a role in stabilizing the size.

        In actual operation, the fabric is mainly dipped in chemical materials in the trough, after being evenly pressed by the rollers, it is sent to the oven of the tenter. When the cloth passes through the oven, it will be dried and shaped under the action of high temperature hot air. The shaped cloth has a good feel and stable size.

       In the stenter unit, there are many different components, of which the hot air circulation bellows is an important component. Generally, it is equipped with hot air circulation windmill, heat exchanger, drying or setting cloth. During the operation, the width adjustment is realized by adjusting the width adjustment mechanism.

       The above is mainly for you to briefly introduce the main functions and processing effects of the stenter equipment. Follow our official website, we will also bring you more knowledge about Flat Screen Printer, if you are interested, please contact us.