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  • When you hear the word "velvet", you think of large decorative curtains and ancient textiles from the Renaissance period.

    The meaning of the word "velvet" is mild, and its meaning comes from velvet. This soft and lightweight fabric has a soft fluff and polished appearance, reflecting a sense of luxury.

    For many years, velvet has been the most needed fabric in fashion design and home decoration. Its luxurious feel and style make it an ideal material for outstanding design.

    What is velvet?

    Velvet is a lightweight, luxurious fabric characterized by thick fiber bundles that are evenly cut and have a smooth pile. Due to the characteristics of short fibers, velvet has an awesome drape and a soft and smooth appearance.

    This fabric is a radial, fluffy fabric that feels and looks more elegant than other materials, and there is no doubt that it has surpassed trends and styles.

    Since the fabric was originally made of silk, velvet fabrics are popular on special occasions. Velvet can also be made of wool, cotton, linen, mohair, and synthetic fibers, thereby reducing the cost of velvet and incorporating it into everyday clothing.

    Velvet is also a home decoration material, which can be used to make curtains, upholstery, pillows, and other fabrics.

    A brief history of velvet

    Although velvet is closely related to European nobility, it is believed that this fabric originated in East Asia. In China, velvet fragments made of silk were found dating back to 403 BC. The fragments of Iraq and Egypt date back to 2000 BC and are also considered the first creators of velvet.

    Europeans brought it into commerce along the Silk Road, and Italy was the first European country to have a velvet industry. It soon became Europe's largest producer and supplier.

    At that time, velvet was used for many luxury items, such as curtains, chairs, or clothes. During the Renaissance, the production of velvet reached a very high level, especially the patterned velvet traditionally associated with this period.

    As the industrial revolution brought technological changes, it made the production of clothing and textiles including velvet faster and cheaper.

    Nevertheless, the link between velvet and luxury still exists and is still used to make dresses more luxurious and charming.

    In the past few decades, people's love for velvet continued until the elegant atmosphere of the 1970s and 80s and the pop stars of the 90s.

    Currently, you will see this fabric in a variety of different series, styles, and shapes, whether it is more creative and modern fabrics to help the revival in the 90s or to set off your nearest theater seat.

    What makes velvet expensive?

    Velvet is more expensive than other fabrics. Unlike other fabrics, velvet is not a plain weave fabric. It requires more yarn and more production steps. First, yarns from various materials are woven together on a loom between two layers of lining. After that, the velvet was broken in the middle to form two similar materials, each with raised fluffs to make the hand feel smooth.

    The production of velvet is very complicated and time-consuming. The production process and pure natural silk fiber are part of the reason for its higher price.

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