Hair revital x the Best hair care serum

  • Dry Dry hair is usually due to improper hair care. Either due to the wrong use of a shampoo that is not for you or that includes aggressive components, such as by using the dryer and the iron in excess . Also, exposure to the sun and a dry climate also dry it out. Dry hair tends to break, is rough and often looks dull. The dehydration of the scalp and the low production of hair oil are the causes of dryness. To counteract this effect, the use of these electronic devices should be reduced and, if you are going to use them, previously protect your hair with a heat protection spray. Avoid washing your hair every day, hair revital x use shampoos formulated for dry hair and apply a hair mask. Sensitive scalp Burning, tingling, pain, itching or redness are some of the symptoms of a hyper-reactive or hypersensitive scalp. Sensitivity appears due to unbalanced diets, pollution, the use of the wrong shampoos or stress. To eliminate sensitive hair, try mild shampoos that do not contain irritating components. The delicacy and softness is very important not to aggravate the problem. Ringworm of the head It is a fungal infection, caused by fungi that live in the dead tissues of the hair. These mold-like fungi are called dermatophytes, and they are more present in warm and humid environments. It is usually prone during childhood, although it can also appear at any other age. In this case, the hair falls off and bald spots appear with small white spots.