What is Shoulder Bursitis?

  • What is Shoulder Bursitis?

    ‘What is shoulder bursitis’ is a commonly asked question, and shoulder bursitis could be a quite common cause of shoulder pain. study basic shoulder anatomy below to know this condition more:


    Shoulder Anatomy

    The shoulder may be a ball and socket joint that's inherently unstable. There are very small muscles - structure muscles - that attach to the ball, additionally to surrounding ligamentous tissues that encompass the joint. These muscles and tissues help center and stabilize the ball - humeral head - within the socket, or glenoid.

    Atop these muscles lies a bursa , which may be a fluid filled sac that serves to lubricate and nourish the underlying muscles so as to assist minimize friction between tissues. Sometimes the space during which the bursa resides may decrease with certain positions of the shoulder, causing compression of this structure. When this happens , the bursa may become irritated and swollen, ultimately resulting in inflammation and pain.

    Shoulder Pain

    Patients typically present with shoulder pain within the overhead position, pain with reaching out, and sometimes have complaints of night pain when lying on the affected side. The pain is typically located along the side of the arm, as against the uppermost portion of the shoulder, thanks to pain which radiates down from where the bursa is found .
    Upon presentation and physical examination, pain is usually elicited when placing the upper extremity within the overhead position. Pain is extremely rarely elicited with direct palpation along the side of the shoulder. Radiographic images are often taken within the office and may reveal small calcium deposits within the bursa and tendons.


    Shoulder Pain Treatment

    Treatment typically consists of ice to the shoulder for 20 minutes nightly, anti-inflammatory medications and an easy home exercise program for rehabilitation. For patients who are immune to this type of treatment, a cortisone injection which is placed directly into the bursa often helps to alleviate inflammation and pain. additionally , formal physiotherapy may additionally help symptomatic patients


    Shoulder Surgery

    If conservative management within the sort of anti-inflammatory medications, physiotherapy and injections fail for quite 6 months, there could also be a task for a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure during which the bursa sac is removed and therefore the space during which it resides is widened. the bulk of patients don't require this procedure and sometimes respond favorably to conservative management.


    Shoulder Bursitis vs. Arthritis and structure Tears


    Patients with shoulder bursitis and people who have sustained a structure tendon tear often present with similar symptoms. The difference lies within the physical examination by an experienced orthopaedist. Oftentimes, patients who have sustained structure tendon tears will have weakness with resisted external rotation and resisted forward flexion, a finding which is absent in patients with shoulder bursitis. 

    Likewise, patients with shoulder arthritis typically present with symptoms implicational shoulder bursitis, but often have limited range of motion and grinding on examination with good strength. The pain is additionally located more along the front of the shoulder, deep within the joint, as against the side of the arm, which is usually seen with shoulder bursitis.
    It is important for the clinician to delineate between shoulder bursitis and structure tendon tears, because the latter may require surgical intervention. On the flip side, shoulder arthritis can often be treated conservatively. In those patients who have failed conservative management for a protracted period of your time, shoulder replacement surgery often provides significant pain relief further as improvement in range of motion.


    If you’re handling shoulder pain, keep the subsequent overview in mind:

    Shoulder bursitis may be a common explanation for shoulder pain
    Patients present with pain along the side of the arm, difficulty with overhead activities, pain with reaching out and night pain when lying on the affected shoulder.
    Shoulder bursitis can often be treated conservatively with anti-inflammatory medications, a home exercise program/physical therapy, and ice. Stubborn cases are often treated with a steroid injection placed directly into the bursa sac.
    A minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure are often performed in patients who have failed conservative management for greater than 6 months.
    It is important for the clinician to delineate between shoulder bursitis and structure tendon tears because the latter may require surgical intervention
    Patients who present with shoulder arthritis typically have pain which is found more along the front of the shoulder, and sometimes have limited range of motion. additionally, they often experience a "grinding "sensation with shoulder movement, which is clear on examination.
    Shoulder replacement surgery provides significant pain relief also as improvement in range of motion in patients who have failed a protracted course of conservative management.

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