Sustainable Investing Firms -Altruist League

  • The Innovative Finance wing of the Altruist League functions as a sustainable investment consulting firm, a collection of strategic initiatives aimed at creating systemic change in the world. Our think tank produces cutting-edge research on social change and sustainable investment, in collaboration with many prominent institutions worldwide. Our sustainable investment advisory wing helps spread systemic thinking through our members and our clients. Through our foundation we continue to support directly activist movements around the world.

    The Altruist League – more than just s sustainable investment advisory firm

    Altruist League is a membership organization. The journey to a membership model was very long. It originally started as a foundation, financed in totality by its four founding partners themselves, aimed at creating social change around the world through investing in grassroots movements, the kind of work that Guerrilla Foundation or Chorus Foundation might do. It was work very heavy on belief and sense of mission and very light on strategy, in retrospect.

    We realized quickly that our effort was just a drop in the ocean. However strategic we were trying to be, our money had no chance to stop the post-Great Recession political and socio-economic forces pulling societies apart. Nor were we managing to influence traditional philanthropy, stuck with decades-old models, avoiding political issues, hoping that investing in a handful of innocuous NGOs feeding a hundred people in Africa would somehow in the long run end hunger. Most people we spoke to didn’t even see a problem. We did – our climate was on the brink of collapse, racial tensions were peaking, wealth inequality was astounding and women were still far from equal.