Four Effective Tips To Write A Customary International Law Case

  • A customary international case study consists of a wide slew of complex legal jargon, articles, laws, acts and amendments. This case study should primarily revolve around custom treaties and regulations related to financial practices, imports/exports of goods, currency exchanges, etc. help with case study  Here are four steps for writing this case study with precision.

    1. Choose a specific niche

    International law is a vast field, and it isn’t possible to cover all the aspects of it in the case study. Case studies usually deal with a specific situation, a case or a problem that requires solutions. For instance, you can choose to write a case study of child statelessness with respect to the presumption of customary international law. In that case, you need to write about the customary international law rules that govern child statelessness.

    1. Gather relevant data

    Relevant and credible pieces of Test help information are important to deliver a standard quality case study on International customary law. Read existing laws and regulations that you can apply to the case. Make sure these regulations are in accordance with the International Court of Justice or IJC. IJC regulates and monitors inter-state relations between countries. Besides data in the form of texts, you should also get hold of relevant statistics, facts, figures and infographics relevant to your topic.

    1. Provide a statement of purpose

    This is the first thing your professors will read in your case study. The statement of purpose is important in all sectors of law such as business law, civil law, customary international law, etc. This statement conveys the intention, aims and objectives of your case study. Your professors should understand the main context of your paper right from the problem statement. history assignment help They should know what to expect from your case study after reading the statement of purpose.

    1. Include a short abstract and start writing

    This is where you discuss the primary and secondary sources used in your case study. The abstract is supposed to be about 2502-300 words long. You can also convey what the case study is about and explain how you approached this paper. Now that you have written the abstract, it’s time to start writing the case study. Financial Accounting Assignment Help The case study consists of a strong introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

    Writing a case study on customary international law isn’t an easy feat. But, these tips can help you write this paper without any hassle. However, do not panic if you aren’t able to get your paper done on your first go. Essay writer It takes time, and that's okay.