Sell Personalized Map Posters: WordPress Plugin for Printing Cu

  • Maps can provide lots of important and useful features for your WordPress website or blog. Travel sites, companies with local and worldwide representatives, cafes and restaurants, and non-profit organizations — all these and much more other categories of websites need maps to guide their users through some important content. And of course, maps on your WordPress site should me interactive. For this purpose, The Brihaspati Infotech has developed the best premium WordPress plugins for creating and editing interactive maps on your website. This WordPress based web application has to provide all possible customizations asked by the user. This custom-designed custom interactive map wordpress plugin ticks all the right boxes by allowing you to control the customizations you provide to your audience and keep a track of all the customizations done at the user end. This plugin is responsive and touchscreen optimized, so that users can enjoy a fully functional, interactive experience on mobile, tablet, and even from a touchscreen kiosk. The addition of categories and searchable or filterable lists makes it even easier for users to find what they’re looking for, such as locating a particular store in a shopping mall. Features such as zoom and pan, minimap and tooltip add to the optimal and intuitive user experience of this unique map plugin.

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