Consider The Following Factors When Considering The Size Of You

  •     Most portable refrigerators work similarly to the refrigerator in your home. They run on electricity and use a compressor unit to keep the refrigerator cool. These portable electric freezers/refrigerators are called 12V refrigerator freezers or 2-way compressor models.

        The 12V model can be used as a car fridge refrigerator when you're on your way to the campground. Use a cable to plug it into your car's cigarette lighter to access the 12V battery in the RV (or the 24V battery in the truck). Once at the campsite, you can plug the portable refrigerator into a 240V power source via an adapter.

        12V refrigerator freezer or 2-way compressor models are the most popular types of portable refrigerators. They have low power consumption (ie they are power efficient), but they can be noisy.

        In general, it's best to choose the portable refrigerator that works best for you. Larger refrigerators are also less energy efficient because they consume more power on average.

        Less than 35 liters: This size classifies the refrigerator as a portable mini refrigerator. It won't have a lot of space, but is suitable for very short trips (such as day trips) and is easier to fit in and carry around in the car. The 26L Dometic CFX 28 holds 42 cans and is ProductReview's highest-rated mini fridge.

        35L-40L (or 47-60 cans): Great for a weekend getaway for 2, or a week for 1.

        40L (or 60 cans): Known as the standard size for a portable refrigerator, it can store food and drinks for 2-3 people on long weekends.

        50L (or 72 cans): Perfect for a week-long trip as a couple, or a weekend getaway for a family of 4.

        60-65L (106 cans): Suitable for a family of 4-5 people on vacation for a week.

        80L+ (120 cans): The ultimate extra-large size for a portable fridge freezer, these are great if you're traveling with a large group of friends or a few families for a week or more.

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