FIFA 22 TOTW - Declan Rice wins a spot in it and got upgraded

  • This week, West Ham United won their third victory in eight days, and this is their third time that they have zero-blocked opponents. Declan Rice, who played an important role in these games, was recognized by the FIFA 22 development team. His card attributes have been greatly improved and he won Cheap FIFA 22 Coins a place in TOTW this week. If you have not added this player to the team, you can buy it immediately when the price is lower now, and you can be sure that the value of the card will rise.

    In the past two weeks of the game, defenders Issa Diop and Angelo Ogbonna of West Ham United have successfully obtained their own special cards because they have made great contributions to the team's victory. As the captain of the team, Rice led West Ham United to achieve some outstanding results, and his performance in the game has also been recognized by fans and officials.

    Their most recent game was against Tottenham Hotspur. The 22-year-old Rice's defense in the game was amazing. He perfectly protected his team. The final score of the game was 1-0, and he made two successful interceptions and one clearance in the entire game, and completed 8 steals, which was the highest in the game. Not only that, his passing success rate has reached an astonishing 92.7%. As a young defender, his performance should really upgrade his ratings in FIFA 22.

    After the game, West Ham United's No41 was selected for FIFA 22 Team of the Week this week. In fact, this is the second time he has been selected to TOTW. He is also the second West Ham player to be selected to TOTW for several weeks in a row.

    The captain Rice got his Team of the Week 'in-form' card, and his OVR in FUT mode increased to 84. This is a huge upgrade that will make him more expensive in the transfer market. Increased.

    The OVR of his gold card has been increased from 81 to the current 83, and his FUT 22 Coins physical attributes have been increased from 79 to 81.

    In addition, his high passing success rate in recent games has also increased his passing from 71 to 74; and his pace and dribbling data have increased from 66 and 74 to 69 and 76, respectively.

    If you are a loyal fan of West Ham United and are playing FIFA 22, you can enter FUT mode and receive Rice’s TOTW card after 6pm on Wednesday, October 27th to 5.59pm on November 3rd (Wednesday). Of course, if you want more and better cards, you can search in the transfer market and use FIFA 22 Coins to buy them.

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