FIFA 22 TOTW Upgrade SBC: It is a good chance to get Mbappé wit

  • In the past seasons of the FIFA series of games, EA sometimes used SBC rewards to give players a chance to get the player's TOTW card. The same is true for FIFA 22 this year. At present, the latest TOTW 9 contains the TOTW version of Mbappé, as well as some other Cheap FIFA Coins players. The OVR of these cards is above 80, which can strengthen the team of some players. If you are one of them, don't miss this opportunity.

    There are indeed some very good cards in TOTW 9, but the focus of players' attention is the Mbappé with OVR reaching 92. This card is undoubtedly the most precious item in the reward package, and many players want to obtain it through this SBC.
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    The striker's gold card is regarded as one from the best cards amongst people, naturally, players are excited in the chance of getting this special version.

    The SBC is obviously on the cheap side. Furthermore, the needs are definately not restrictive. You'll need to created a squad of eleven players that average an 83 overall rating while keeping a minimum of 50 chemistry.

    Players are completing the SBC for the low average valuation on 13.5K coins. Here's on the list of cheaper solutions you'll be able to opt for.

    Is trying to find Mbappé worthwhile?
    All things considered, this SBC isn't worth the cost if you're looking to pack Mbappé. The players in TOTW 9 excluding Ligue 1's Mbappé undoubtedly are a weak assortment.
    The likelihood of packing Mbappé are razor-thin unless you are the one lucky user below. However, the reduced cost is not easy to ignore. Therefore, we recommend completing some SBCs and saving the rest for a better TOTW selection.
    Extremely savvy players will likely be completing the SBC several times and holding the packs for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team's rumored Black Friday promo. This upcoming promo can tell you some FIFA 22 Coins on the best TOTW cards so far. EA revives these excellent cards while using Best Team from the Week, for individuals who may have omitted.

    Mbappé might be included in this selection alongside several superior options. This effectively increases the floor in the weakest card you may pack.

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