Creating Any eCommerce Website Is Not Enough For Your Business

  • When an eCommerce web design agency is designing your site, having mobile-friendly features is critical. There are a few critical decisions to make, one of which is how to implement device detection on your eCommerce website. The designer will create a mobile version of your primary eCommerce site to enable your web presence mobile-ready.

    It will have a lot of similar content and features, but it will be framed differently, which works better when viewed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. When visitors and customers visit your eCommerce website, you'll want them to see the best version tailored for them.

    If they are visiting on a notebook or desktop, you want them to see the full version. Even if they are visiting on their phone, you want them automatically taken to the mobile view version. This is device detection. It's the process of making your website understand automatically whether the visitor is using a mobile device or not.

    It will route them accordingly. So they don't have any trouble. When you are checking out any eCommerce web design agency, ask them how they will deal with device detection. This is fundamental, so if they don't have the right answer, thank them for their time and move on to the next candidate.

    There are at least two device detection methods- they are called client-side and server-side device detection. The Client-side is easier and cheaper to set up. But it only works on more modern phones and can significantly increase the webpage load time for all mobile visitors. The Server-side is more complicated to set up but usually works much better. Make sure you choose the best eCommerce web design agency that gets it.

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